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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 44 - Baby Nuo Doesn't Like Others to Get Close to Me  

Chapter 44: Baby Nuo Doesn’t Like Others to Get Close to Me

Under the candlelight, Noble Consort Qiao’s eyebrows became even more exquisite and charming.

A few years ago, she was a beauty whose name shook the capital. Now that she had given birth, she had become even more beautiful.

There was also a hint of a mother’s maturity that would cause one’s imagination to run wild with just a look.

Noble Consort Qiao said in a very soft voice, “Your Majesty, I know that you’re busy. It’s fine. It’s just that Nuo’er has grown up by your side since young.

“This child remembers it in her heart if you were to make fewer visits. Your consort is fine. It’s fine as long as Nuo’er isn’t sad.”

Gu Yihan immediately felt a little guilty.

How could he occasionally go to the Music Bureau to listen to music and not come to accompany his daughter?

The emperor looked at the child on the bed. Gu Nuo’er was sleeping quietly and obediently.

His daughter had always been very sensible.

A father’s company was especially important. He thought about how Nuo’er would still grow up in the future, and might even leave to go far away with her husband after she got married, it would be difficult to see her again!

Gu Yihan cursed himself in his heart.

He held Noble Consort Qiao’s hand tightly in guilt. “Yayu, I understand. The two of you are considerate and sensible. I’m really lucky.”

Noble Consort Qiao pursed her red lips. “Your Majesty, you still have a lot of government affairs to deal with. Hurry up and go. It’s just that it’s late at night and it has gotten cold.

“You must pay attention to your body. Let Chunshou warm up a pot of old duck soup for you. If you’re tired, drink a few mouthfuls to fill your stomach. You’ll also feel energetic then.”

Gu Yihan nodded and sighed at the noble consort’s thoughtfulness.

He sat for a while longer before leaving the Qiushui Palace.

It was already late at night. Two rows of palace servants stood behind the emperor, each holding a bright lamp.

Gu Yihan walked in front, his expression unreadable.

Chunshou probed, “Your Majesty, after approving the memorials tonight, do you still want to go to the Music Bureau to listen to music? If you are going, I’ll get someone to make preparations earlier.”

Unexpectedly, Gu Yihan glanced over and gave him a cold glare.

Chunshou had served the emperor for many years. With just one look, he knew that something was wrong and hurriedly knelt on the ground.

The palace servants behind him also knelt down.

Chunshou slapped himself. “This servant deserves to die. This servant has spoken too much!”

Gu Yihan lowered his cold eyes from above. “Chunshou, you’re too insensible. I just came out from the noble consort’s place. You didn’t understand what Baby Nuo meant, but I do.

“Baby Nuo doesn’t like others getting close to me. After the memorials are approved, it’ll probably be nearing dawn. I’ll just go straight to the imperial court directly. Why would I listen to music?

“You were also in the wrong. You didn’t even remind me the previous few times. Go to the Punishment Bureau and receive five strokes of the paddle!”

Chunshou was crying bitterly in his heart. The emperor liked to listen to music and went to the Music Bureau to meet the performer. How could he dare to stop His Majesty in this matter?

How would he dare?

However, after the princess said this today, the emperor actually stopped going.

No matter how interested he was in the performer previously, he stopped liking her. The princess was really amazing.

Noble Consort Qiao was even more amazing.

She managed to tie the emperor down tightly with just one daughter.

He quickly kowtowed and apologized, “This servant understands and will definitely serve you more carefully in the future. Your Majesty, please be appeased.”

Gu Yihan said indifferently, “Get up.”

The emperor’s black boots passed by Chunshou. Chunshou was helped up by his disciple and wiped the cold sweat off his head while trembling.

Ever since the princess was born, the emperor had indeed been very careful and no longer killed indiscriminately.

However, the heart of a ruler was unpredictable. Accompanying a ruler was like accompanying a tiger!

After the emperor and the palace servants left, Chunshou’s disciple asked, “Master, should we still go and notify Miss Chen from the Music Bureau?”

“To hell with notifying her!” Chunshou slapped him away. “You don’t even know how to guess the emperor’s intentions. You’re so stupid! Why would you still notify her? She’s just a sparrow and won’t become a phoenix!”