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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 420 - 420 Master, Isn't Her Highness Going Back With Us?

420 Master, Isn’t Her Highness Going Back With Us?

Finally, when the painting was completed.

In the painting, more than ten smiling faces were beaming with the warmth of the sun.

Only the two people standing in the middle and at the front were tugging at each other.

They were clearly unwilling to give up, but their gazes were only on each other.

Beside them was Jiang Xiaoran, who had forced his head over and pretended to be part of a three-person group.

After the painting was completed, Ye Siming went to take a look. His thin lips curled up and he said, “It’s somewhat acceptable.”

He turned to look at Gu Nuo’er’s fuming cream-colored smile and his smile immediately widened.

The child clenched her small fists.

Elder Brother Siming bullied her!

Hmph, she was going to bully him back!

In the evening, the classes ended.

Ye Siming said to Gu Nuo’er, “Go outside and wait for me in the carriage. I’m going to do something and will be back soon.”

“Oh, okay.”

Gu Nuo’er watched as Ye Siming walked out.

Her delicate pink lips curled into a sly smile.

She had been worried that she wouldn’t be able to find an opportunity to bully Elder Brother Siming!

What was he going to do when she deliberately went missing this time and pretended to disappear?!

The child made up her mind and ran out.

At this moment, Painter Dai was packing up his things in the house where the teachers were resting.

The “family photo” was spread out on the table and the ink was drying.

Suddenly, he felt a gust of wind blowing behind him.

Painter Dai turned around in confusion. The room was empty.

He couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh, feeling that he was thinking too much.

And he didn’t notice it at all.

There were actually five words written on the corner of Gu Nuo’er’s hem—

Ye Siming’s.

Ye Siming was in a good mood.

It didn’t matter how many years this painting was going to circulate in the end.

At least at this moment, he had marked Gu Nuo’er with his own mark.

At this moment, Jiang Xiaoran happened to come out of the classroom and bumped into Ye Siming.

What was surprising was that Ye Siming took the initiative to greet him. “Let’s go.”

As he spoke, he brushed past him.

Jiang Xiaoran was stunned on the spot as if he had been petrified.

After a long time, he suddenly turned around and looked at Ye Siming’s back view.

Jiang Xiaoran pinched his face hard.

“Did I hear wrongly? Who possessed Ye Siming?! He’s so kind today and even greeted me?”

Jiang Xiaoran seemed to be encouraged.

He quickly ran forward.

“Siming, if you’re free tonight, you can come to the brothel with me. Hehe, I heard that there’s a new courtesan there. Her figure is really tsk tsk…”


Before he could finish speaking, Ye Siming retorted with one word.

Then, he left without looking at Jiang Xiaoran.

Jiang Xiaoran heaved a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness he is still that Ye Siming. He didn’t change to someone else.”

Ye Siming walked to the door. Chen Yin lifted the curtain for him and asked in confusion, “Master, isn’t Her Highness going back with us?”

Ye Siming was stunned and frowned coldly. “I asked her to come out first, but she didn’t come over?”

Chen Yin was also surprised. “No, your subordinate has been waiting here and hasn’t seen the princess.”

Ye Siming’s eyes turned cold as he turned to look at the state school.

Gu Nuo’er had originally thought of finding a carriage to hide in. When it was about time, she would go down and run to Ye Siming to scare him.

Unexpectedly, after she shrank into a carriage, she realized that there were ice furnaces all around.

All the heat outside was blocked out.

The child immediately felt comfortable and leaned against the corner, wanting to lie down for a while. Unexpectedly, she fell asleep.

When she sensed the carriage shaking slightly and woke up, it was already an hour later.

Gu Nuo’er subconsciously looked out of the carriage window. The fluttering curtain revealed the night sky in which the stars were gradually appearing.

A concerned voice sounded from beside her—

“Nuo’er, you’ve woken up?”