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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 419 - 419 Elder Brother Siming, You Have to Smile!

419 Elder Brother Siming, You Have to Smile!

However, Painter Dai said to Gu Nuo’er, “Little benefactor, if you don’t mind, I want to paint a painting for you separately. Are you willing to give me face?”

The teacher had said it just now.

The state school had agreed with Painter Dai that a painting would be given to someone from the state school separately.

Gu Nuo’er didn’t really want to accept it.

After all, she was still young! She hadn’t reached the age at which she was interested in paintings.

However, the child looked around and realized that everyone seemed to want it very much.

After all, even if one wasn’t willing to keep Painter Dai’s paintings at home and chose to sell them on the market, they would cost at least a thousand taels.

Therefore, it had to be said that Xie Liuhua had completely miscalculated.

She didn’t even think about it. If Painter Dai really wanted money, why didn’t he sell the paintings himself? It was much more than the money she gave him!

Gu Nuo’er’s black and round eyes turned.

She smiled sweetly and said, “Grandpa Dai, why don’t you draw a ‘family portrait’ for everyone in our class?! In the future, when I think about it, it’ll also be filled with memories!”

Painter Dai was stunned.

Then, he nodded and smiled warmly. “Of course that’s not a problem. When I came, I saw that the lotus flowers in the pond outside were blooming beautifully. Why don’t everyone go over there?”

Everyone immediately cheered.

It was a blessing to be able to obtain one of Painter Dai’s paintings.

However, if such a master could draw them into his painting, the painting might be able to be passed down for a hundred generations!

Jiang Xiaoran was the first to stand up and rush out. “I’m the oldest among you. It’s not too much for me to stand in the center, right?”

However, after Ye Siming led Gu Nuo’er over…

Jiang Xiaoran consciously gave up his seat. “The two of you are more suitable to stand here. I’ll stand at the side!”

Everyone stood around.

The young ladies who had good relationships held hands with each other, and there were even young masters who had good personal relationships hanging their arms around each other’s shoulders.

Painter Dai had already set up the board and paper and started to mix the ink to prepare to paint.

Ye Siming felt that someone was looking at him.

He lowered his eyes. Gu Nuo’er was looking up, her big eyes bright.

“Elder Brother Siming, aren’t you carrying me?”

Ye Siming was stunned.

Then, he bent down and carried the child into his arms.

Ye Siming whispered in her ear, “Can I carry you when we’re being drawn?”

He had never left behind any written records in the mortal world.

He still remembered that the last time he was drawn into a book, it seemed to be by a priest from the Ninth Heaven.

He was listed in the Heavenly Book as the most ferocious demon god.

“You can!” Gu Nuo’er smiled sweetly, revealing her white teeth and her pink lips. “Elder Brother Siming, you have to smile!”

After saying that, the child grabbed his cheeks with her two small hands and pulled up slightly.

“Yes, that’s it.”

Ye Siming, who was forced to “smile”, frowned slightly but didn’t resist.

Beside him, Jiang Xiaoran turned around and observed for a while. He couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Siming, right now, you look very much like…”

Before he could finish speaking, he saw Ye Siming looking at him coldly.

Jiang Xiaoran said, “Uh… so handsome.”

Ye Siming gradually relaxed and roughly understood that the painting this time was not meant to be recorded in the Heavenly Book, nor was it meant to confer him the title of a demon god again.

Instead, it was some traces of his existence that he’d be leaving behind in the mortal world.

In that case, let this painting look a little happier.

Gu Nuo’er was smiling when Ye Siming suddenly reached out his slender fingertips and gently pinched her face before pushing toward the middle.

The child’s lips were pouted. When she came back to her senses, she said indignantly in a childish voice, “Elder Brother Siming! You’re bad! Let go!”

However, Ye Siming laughed a few times. He raised his eyebrows and looked extremely youthful.

“Painter Dai, draw her like this!”