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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 418 - 418 She's Crying As If We're All Bullying Her!

418 She’s Crying As If We’re All Bullying Her!

Xie Yinxiang really couldn’t stand listening to her anymore.

She frowned and said softly, “How can you say that? You wanted to take the princess’s credit, but now that you didn’t succeed, you still have to accuse her. You’ve really embarrassed the Xie Family!”

However, Xie Liuhua couldn’t be bothered to argue with Xie Yinxiang.

She looked at Old Master Dai and the teacher with tears in her eyes.

“Although I was just muddle-headed for a moment, wouldn’t Old Master Dai’s actions be even worse to not be doing what he agreed to after receiving the money?”

Unexpectedly, the anger on Old Master Dai’s face suddenly disappeared and was replaced by a hint of seriousness.

He slowly took down the white handkerchief in his hand.

Jiang Xiaoran was watching the commotion attentively.

Seeing this, he was suddenly puzzled. “Sir, you’re not injured?”

Everyone leaned closer to take a look.

It was true!

The faint “bloodstain” on the handkerchief in the old man’s hand was actually the color of cinnabar!

Xie Liuhua was shocked. “How… how could this be?”

Old Master Dai said solemnly, “When the princess saved me, I was very dizzy and didn’t see who saved me at all.

“If you hadn’t suddenly come looking for me, I wouldn’t have known how to find my little savior to repay her.

“Second Miss Xie, this is your money. I’ll return it to you. You’re from an aristocratic family and I’m just a commoner. It’s not my place to give you any guidance.

“However, I still want to tell you this: Rats have skin, but humans have no sense of propriety! If humans lose their etiquette, integrity, and shame, they’re worse than rats!”

After saying that, he turned around and looked around the classroom.

He asked in a gentle tone, “May I ask which one is the little princess?”

Old Master Dai didn’t participate in worldly battles and spent his life with green mountains and clear waters.

This was the first time he was seeing Gu Nuo’er while in a sober state.

Jiang Xiaoran immediately took the initiative to walk to Gu Nuo’er’s table.

“This is the famous and unique princess of our Great Qi!

“Sir, if you say that she saved you, everyone will believe you. This is because the little princess is smart and it’s completely possible for her to save you.”

As Jiang Xiaoran spoke, he glanced at Xie Liuhua, who felt as if she had needles on her back.

“If you were to say that she’s the one who saved you, everyone would have to think about it carefully to assess if that is possible.”

The teacher sighed. “Second Miss Xie, how could you…”

Before he could finish speaking, Xie Liuhua cried, “I just want to do good deeds. Why are you all targeting me?!”

Then, she suddenly pushed the teacher away and ran out while crying.

Everyone sighed.

“To think that she’s feeling aggrieved. Her impersonation was exposed, but she’s crying as if we’re all bullying her!”

“The little princess saved someone and didn’t make a fuss at all. Unlike Xie Liuhua, who has the cheek to say that she did something when she didn’t!”

Xie Liuhua was foolish and bad. She was very petty and even embarrassed herself in the end.

It made everyone look down on her.

Old Master Dai walked up to Gu Nuo’er, cupped his hands, and bowed.

“Little benefactor, please accept this old man’s bow.”

Gu Nuo’er stood up and raised her small hand, showing great flair.

“Grandpa Dai, there’s no need to be so polite. I just happened to pass by. Even if it wasn’t me, someone else would definitely save you.”

Jiang Xiaoran smiled and said, “Princess, when Second Miss Xie was spouting nonsense just now, you should have stood up and exposed her!”

Gu Nuo’er spread out her small hands, looking very helpless.

“I didn’t expect her to do such a thing either.”

The child really felt that her action of helping the old man was just a small matter.

How had it become something that could be boasted about?

Sigh, it was always difficult to understand the thoughts of people who were both stupid and bad.