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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 417 - 417 This Old Man Isn't A Good Person Either!

417 This Old Man Isn’t A Good Person Either!

Old Master Dai snorted coldly. “That young lady must have saved me because she wanted to show off.

“Otherwise, why would she leave as soon as everyone left? She doesn’t care if I’m fine or not. Moreover, as far as I know, she’s a student in this school!”

The teacher was shocked and had an ominous guess.

Jiang Xiaoran was the first to ask, “Eh? Why do I remember that just now, the teacher said that Second Miss Xie had just helped an old man who fell?”

Old Master Dai immediately glared with his tiger eyes. His white beard stood on end and he looked very angry.

“Where is she? Let this old man ask her why she left me alone after saving me!”

Jiang Xiaoran pointed honestly and Xie Liuhua trembled.

She looked at Old Master Dai’s angry gaze and quickly waved her hand.

“No, I didn’t!”

The teacher couldn’t help but ask, “Second Miss Xie, was the person you saved Old Master Dai?”

“No…” Xie Liuhua bit her lip, her voice was extremely soft as she made her final quibble.

Another student said, “Then what did the old man you saved look like? What arrangements did you make for him in the end?”

Xie Liuhua stammered, unable to say anything.

Old Master Dai leaned on his walking stick and quickly walked up to her.

He questioned in a fierce tone, “You’re the one who saved me and then left me be, right? I remember your dress. Why don’t you dare to admit it?!”

Xie Liuhua was frightened by his pressure.

She looked around and realized that her classmates and teachers were all looking at her coldly.

It was as if their eyes were filled with words: Liar who likes to show off.

Especially when Gu Nuo’er looked over. Gu Nuo’er’s gaze was clear and pure, but to Xie Liuhua’s eyes, it was filled with mockery!

She immediately cried and leaned on the table, shouting hysterically, “I wasn’t the one who saved him. It was clearly Princess Yaoguang who saved him!

“I just saw that she saved someone and wanted to do a good deed like the princess, so I… I…”

Jiang Xiaoran questioned, “So you wanted to impersonate the princess and take the credit?! The princess keeps a low profile and doesn’t want to be ostentatious. How can you take someone else’s credit?!”

Xie Liuhua was agitated. She suddenly stood up and pointed at Painter Dai.

“This old man isn’t a good person either. He took my money and clearly promised me that he would admit that I saved him.”

When Xie Liuhua was watching Gu Nuo’er methodically save the old man in the crowd…

She recognized that this old man was a world-renowned famous artist.

Her father, Lord Xie, had once offered a lot of money to buy a painting from the old man, but he was rejected.

Xie Liuhua felt that this old man was wearing ordinary clothes now. In the past, when he was young, he could be domineering and didn’t like money.

However, now that he was old, no one should be unmoved by money.

Therefore, she followed Old Master Dai all the way to the corner where there were fewer people. Only then did she walk over and explain her intentions.

“The person who saved you just now is also a student from the school. Old master, if you go to the school later, can you not mention that she saved you at all? Just say that I saved you.”

At that time, the old man only looked at her in surprise before happily taking her money and agreeing to her request.

With that, Xie Liuhua was very confident that she could deliberately confess to the teacher that she had saved someone on the way to school.

The students were in an uproar when they heard this.

Xie Liuhua gritted her teeth and cried, “Even if Old Master Dai is injured, it’s not my fault. It’s the princess… The princess didn’t treat him and even caused him to be injured!”