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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 408 - 408 Bai Yi, Your Adopted Son Is Very Arrogant

408 Bai Yi, Your Adopted Son Is Very Arrogant

Gu Yihan looked at Ye Siming with an unfathomable gaze. “Marquis Yongye, tell me, what exactly is going on?”

Ye Siming walked out calmly and stood tall. He spoke in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “On a whim, I wanted to spar with Young Master Song.

“Unexpectedly, they were also very enthusiastic. Young Master Song brought along a group of servants to spar with me. It was a huge commotion. Facing this scene, I knew very well that retreating would embarrass Bai… General Bai, so I fought to my heart’s content.”

When Song Quan heard his words, he was so angry that his chest heaved and his expression was extremely grim.

It was clearly Marquis Yongye who had gone to their place, looking for trouble!

He actually said that it was a friendly spar?!

That was ridiculous!

Before General Song could say anything, Gu Yihan laughed softly.

He leaned back on the dragon throne at a slanted angle, his deep eyes filled with ridicule. “Song Quan, your family is too dishonest. Marquis Yongye is considered your junior. Why are you guys still attacking him with a group when he went to spar with your son?”

General Song explained anxiously, “Your Majesty! It was clearly Marquis Yongye who barged in and started beating people up first!”

Gu Yihan threw down a memorial. “What else do you have to say? Take a look at this first before complaining to me.”

General Song was stunned and picked up the memorial to take a look.

Suddenly, his eyes were filled with shock.

Then, he knelt on the ground. “Your Majesty, these are all groundless crimes. How would this subject dare to assassinate the fifth prince?!”

The memorial was filled with the advice of some officials.

They said that the fifth prince was a kind person and never made enemies with others.

Why was there an assassination of the fifth prince right after the emperor punished the eldest daughter of the Song family?

Moreover, to be able to kill someone in the prison, the mastermind behind this must not be an ordinary person.

Gu Yihan saw Song Quan kneeling on the ground, his body trembling.

He raised his eyebrows slightly, but his tone was cold.

“Coincidentally, on the day the fifth prince was assassinated, my Baby Nuo was also by his side and encountered the assassins together.

“Song Quan, you should thank Marquis Yongye for beating up your son first. Otherwise, based on my principles, I would rather kill him by mistake than let him off. Your Song family would be doomed!”

The emperor’s voice was so cold that Song Quan trembled.

A large drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead.

Gu Yihan leaned back on his throne and asked lazily, “Aren’t you going to kowtow and thank Marquis Yongye for saving your life?”

Song Quan’s eyes immediately widened!

Ye Siming had beaten his son half to death!

Yet, the emperor wanted him to kneel and thank Ye Siming!

Wasn’t this obvious bias?!

Song Quan gritted his teeth and remained unmoved for a long time.

Gu Yihan’s voice became even colder. “Why? Are you unwilling to do so?”

“This subject…” Song Quan gritted his teeth.

He understood that if he didn’t obey the emperor’s orders, he might lose his life immediately.

If that was the case, how could he take revenge on Bai Yi?!

Song Quan turned around and kowtowed to Ye Siming. “Thank you, Marquis.”

These three words were more than all the humiliation he had suffered in his life combined.

Ye Siming watched coldly, his thin lips curling into a disdainful smile.

The other officials watched with clear hearts.

How was the emperor asking General Song to thank Marquis Yongye?

It was obvious that he also suspected that Song Quan had paid for assassins to assassinate the fifth prince.

Unexpectedly, the fifth prince happened to be with the little princess!

His Majesty was venting his anger!

Regardless of whether he could find evidence or not, he would humiliate General Song first!

Then, Song Quan returned to the ranks of officials and lowered his head without saying a word.

After the morning court session ended, Gu Yihan specially asked Bai Yi to stay behind and had Ye Siming wait outside the hall.

Only the emperor and General Bai Yi were left in the hall. Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows and joked, “Bai Yi, your adopted son is very arrogant.”