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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 397 - 397 Marquis, So You Brought Someone With You?

397 Marquis, So You Brought Someone With You?

A beautiful older sister?

Just like what Second Brother had said? There would be all kinds of beauties surrounding them?

The child quickly tugged at Ye Siming’s sleeve.

She nodded her head vigorously.

Her soft voice sounded, “Go, go, go, go! I want to go!”

Ye Siming looked down at her and said in a low voice, “No, you can’t go to that kind of place.”

Then, Gu Nuo’er pouted, her eyes filled with grievance.

Her delicate face also had a disappointed expression.

“It must be that Elder Brother Siming doesn’t want me to be around. You must be thinking of visiting the beautiful older sisters with Lord Wan after I return to the palace!”

Ye Siming was stunned. “I’m not!”

“Then bring me there and I’ll believe you!”

Ye Siming gritted his teeth.

This child… was really bizarre.

Through the carriage curtain, Lord Wan could only see half of Ye Siming’s side profile.

Who was the marquis talking to? His expression changed so quickly.

Could it be?

The Marquis’s lover was in the carriage!

Tsk tsk, the Marquis Yongye was only 11 or 12 years old.

However, to think that he was so mature just like that.

However, on second thought, it made sense. A young master with status could find a woman to have a first experience at the age of ten.

He quickly smiled apologetically and asked, “Marquis, let’s go. It’ll be very fun!”

A moment later, Ye Siming turned around to look at him.

For some reason, Lord Wan felt a chill on the back of his neck.

It was as if there was a sword hanging above his head.

Strange, why was the marquis’s gaze so oppressive?

Ye Siming said through gritted teeth, “Lead the way.”

If it wasn’t for this Lord Wan blocking the way, the child wouldn’t have suggested going to such a place.

However, Ye Siming couldn’t dissuade Gu Nuo’er and could only agree.

The carriage slowly drove through the limestone street and followed Lord Wan’s carriage to the most prosperous brothel in the capital—Soft Fragrance Jade.

It was early in the night and the lights were lit up.

However, there were already a few girls standing outside Soft Fragrance Jade. There was an endless stream of guests coming and going. It was more lively than anywhere else!

When Gu Nuo’er heard the sounds, she was anxious to get out of the carriage to take a look.

However, Ye Siming pressed down on her small shoulder.

He frowned. “You can’t go in just like that. It won’t be good for your reputation if others see you.”

That was right!

She was still young. If her parents knew that she went to a brothel, they would definitely scold her!

Gu Nuo’er fluttered her long eyelashes and blinked her big eyes at Ye Siming for help. “Elder Brother Siming, then what should I do?”

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows. “Do you really want to go in?”

Gu Nuo’er nodded.

He then took off his outer robe.

“Put this on. You’re only allowed to show your eyes.”

Gu Nuo’er looked at the outer robe he handed over and puffed up her cheeks silently. “But wearing such strange clothes will attract more attention.”

Unexpectedly, Ye Siming was extremely rude and domineering. “I’ll take the eyes of whoever looks.”

After saying that, he wrapped the child in his robe and carried her down the carriage.

When Lord Wan saw this, he was surprised. “Marquis, so you brought someone with you?”

He took a few glances. This was a child!

Only a pair of big bright eyes were revealed. From the outline of the child’s beautiful eyebrows, this was a little girl.

Oh my, why didn’t the marquis say so earlier? It seemed that he had been rude.

Ye Siming glanced at Lord Wan coldly. “What are you looking at? Go and book a private room.”

Lord Wan quickly agreed and turned to enter Soft Fragrance Jade.

Ye Siming carried Gu Nuo’er in his arms and covered her body and head with his clothes, revealing only her eyes to look around.

The girls in the brothel at the door rarely saw a youth like him with such peerless looks.

They were so used to seeing big-bellied men that when they suddenly saw someone like Ye Siming, all of them were all stunned.

Immediately, all of them started to crowd over.

“Sir, how do you want to play? This servant can accompany you.”