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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 393 - 393 Gu Nuo'er, Are You Going Home?

393 Gu Nuo’er, Are You Going Home?

Song Quan looked up. Ye Siming happened to have his gaze lowered like a god looking down. The corners of his eyes and eyebrows carried an arrogance and disdain that did not belong to the mortal world.

“General Song, your son has a very low resistance to beatings. However, he’s a little stronger than your group of weak soldiers and generals. Let him train for another 30 years.”

Song Quan’s eyes widened. “You! Marquis Yongye, you’ve gone too far!”

He actually specially came to his house to beat up his son!

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows and said in a cold tone, “I made things clear to Song Qiyuan just now, so I might as well tell you again.

“In the future, it’s best to avoid Gu Nuo’er if you’re thinking of evil ways to harm others. I don’t care about the lives of the others, but if just one of her fingers gets hurt, I’ll start a killing spree.”

After saying that, he looked at the sky.

It was getting late. It was time for him to go.

Ye Siming left in a flash, leaving a word behind, “I left him alive. Treat him well. If he dies, I won’t have anyone to beat up next time.”

Song Quan was furious and his angry roar shook the house. “You thief—!”

Bai Yi! Bai Yi must have taught him to do this!

He, Song Quan, swore that he would never forgive Bai Yi and Ye Siming in this life!

Ye Siming especially returned to the Bai Manor to take a shower and change his clothes.

He threw the bloody clothes out and Bai Yi was given a shock when he saw them.

“Siming, where did you go just now?”

Ye Siming tidied his sleeves. He wore a jade headgear and looked a little like a youth in high spirits.

However, his eyes were handsome and cold, and he looked extremely noble.

Ye Siming casually replied to Bai Yi, “I killed a chicken and hunted a few ducks. My clothes got dirty so I don’t want them anymore.”

Bai Yi saw that he was about to leave. “It’s almost time for dinner. Why are you still going out?!”

Ye Siming glanced sideways. “Gu Nuo’er has something on today. I’ll go pick her up.”

As he spoke, he didn’t even turn around and told Bai Yi and Madam Bai not to wait for him for dinner before leaving.

Bai Yi was stunned on the spot, still holding the medical book in his hand.

Why was this child always heading out every other day?

In Old Jiang’s shop, Gu Nuo’er was standing on a stool, pinching her chin with her small hand, her pink face filled with seriousness.

She looked up at Old Jiang, Qu Niang, and Nanny Hu, who were sitting in front of her.

How should she teach the three of them how to use the abacus?

Gu Nuo’er had been trying to teach them for the entire afternoon, but these people still didn’t manage to learn it!

Old Jiang said righteously, “I’m already so old that I can’t even see silver and gold clearly. I can’t learn this!”

Qu Niang was a little embarrassed. “Princess, this servant can do odd jobs, but I really can’t do accounting.”

Nanny Hu smiled kindly. “Princess, what is this abacus for?”

Alright, Nanny Hu didn’t even know what the abacus was for.

The child patted her cheeks with her small hands and said in a soft and troubled voice, “This is so hard for Baby Nuo!”

At this moment, Ye Siming’s voice sounded from the door—

“Gu Nuo’er, are you going home?”

When the child heard that he had arrived, she quickly twisted her small butt and jumped off the stool.

Then, she ran towards Ye Siming.

The child pounced into Ye Siming’s arms like a tired bird returning to the forest.

“Boohoo, Elder Brother Siming, why are you only here now? I miss you so much!”

Compared to them, the big wolf was really too smart. He always understood her very quickly.

The child’s soft body pounced into his arms. Her black hair was soft, and her face was smooth like a peeled egg.

When she rubbed against the back of Siming’s hand, he raised his eyebrows and smiled happily.

“Why? Are you not happy playing with them?”

Gu Nuo’er grabbed Ye Siming’s waist and almost hung on him like a cute and tender pendant.

Her black eyes were big and clear. As it was a hot summer day and the child worked hard to “teach”, her cheeks were dyed pink.

“Baby Nuo has been explaining the entire afternoon. I’m so tired!”