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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 391 - 391 Bad News, Ye Siming Has Come

391 Bad News, Ye Siming Has Come

Ye Siming’s expression was cold as he went forward to check if the assassin was still alive.

“You lived a cowardly life, but you died a straightforward death.” He sneered.

He turned around and went out. The constables who had been chasing after the figure earlier returned in a hurry.

“Marquis, that person’s qinggong was extremely fast and he escaped. These subordinates only discovered this!”

A broken arrow was presented to Ye Siming with both hands.

He lowered his eyes and picked it up with his slender and fair fingertips, his gaze arrogant.

Ye Siming narrowed his narrow eyes and brought the arrow to the tip of his nose to smell it.

Then, he threw the broken arrow to the ground.

The constable was surprised. “Marquis, this is evidence. You don’t want it anymore?”

Ye Siming looked at him coldly. The constable felt his gaze and immediately felt that he had said too much.

Ye Siming said, “The arrow neither has any emblems nor characteristics. There are thousands of similar arrows in the capital. How can it be considered evidence?”

However, he more or less knew who it was.

The constable lowered his head and admitted his mistake. “This subordinate has spoken too much!”

The other constables quickly caught up. “Marquis, what should we do with the dead assassin?”

“Take them to the mass grave and execute the rest. There’s no need to show mercy. I’ll report this to the emperor.”

After saying that, Ye Siming raised his boots and left. Everyone could only send him off respectfully.

In the afternoon, the Song Family was very quiet.

Suddenly, their door was kicked open!

The guard was caught off guard by the broken wooden boards and fell to the ground with a bang.

When the servants of the Song Manor heard this, they hurriedly surrounded him.

“Who are you?! Why did you barge into our residence in broad daylight?!”

“I recognize him. This is Marquis Yongye! Hurry up and report this to Master and Young Master!”

Ye Siming walked forward slowly and leisurely as if he was strolling in his courtyard.

As he approached, the servants all retreated. They were vigilant, but they didn’t dare to go forward.

General Song Quan was in the room talking to Song Qiyuan.

“Although I didn’t manage to assassinate the fifth prince to avenge your sister this time, I at least made him and the princess suffer a little. At least I can vent my anger!”

There was also a hint of indignation on Song Qiyuan’s handsome face. “Elder Sister was turned into a nun by that little princess. This time, it’s just a small punishment. They won’t be so lucky next time.”

As soon as Song Qiyuan finished speaking, the butler stumbled in.

“Master, Young Master, bad news! Marquis Yongye has entered our manor with a murderous aura!”

“What?!” Song Quan hurriedly wanted to go and deal with the situation.

However, Song Qiyuan stopped him, his eyes flickering with hatred and excitement.

“Father, Ye Siming came at the right time. Previously, I suffered at his hands and was humiliated by him in all sorts of ways. Now that he dares to barge into our residence, he’s entering a tiger’s den! I want to go and meet him. He came by himself!”

After saying that, Song Qiyuan picked up his father’s Silver Dragon Spear and turned to leave.

Song Quan was a little worried. He frowned and said, “You have to be careful. Marquis Yongye is extremely skilled and his attacks are ruthless. Don’t get injured.”

“Don’t worry, Father. There are many experts in the manor. If he comes to cause trouble, he’ll only be courting death!”

As he watched Song Qiyuan leave, Song Quan felt relieved for the time being.

When Song Qiyuan walked to the front yard with his spear, he realized that injured servants were lying everywhere in the bushes, on the artificial mountains, and even in the small pond.

He looked around but didn’t see Ye Siming.

Damn it, he ran away after beating people up?!

Unexpectedly, a cold and mocking voice came from the tall artificial mountain behind him—

“Are you looking for me?”