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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 389 - 389 Come Over, Let Me Hug You For A While

389 Come Over, Let Me Hug You For A While

In the carriage, Gu Nuo’er leaned in Ye Siming’s arms and looked up, fluttering her long eyelashes.

There was a reason why she abandoned her fifth brother and stayed behind!

This was because she had to test if Elder Brother Siming had discovered the fishtail she had hidden!

From Gu Nuo’er’s angle, Ye Siming’s side profile was handsome and his jaw was tense.

His long eyebrows furrowed slightly as if he was a little unhappy.

The child opened her mouth, but before she could say anything…

Ye Siming spoke first.

“What did you come out to do? Why are you dressed like this? Did you really meet Hang Tongfu by chance with the fifth prince? Hmm?”

His eyes were deep and dark, reflecting Gu Nuo’er’s round and fair face.

Gu Nuo’er trembled and smiled sweetly, revealing her white teeth. “I can’t hide it from Elder Brother Siming!

“That’s right. When I came out today, I specially dressed up as an attendant so that I could follow Fifth Brother and help him make plans for his path into officialdom.

“Otherwise, if he continues to remain unknown, all kinds of cats and dogs will come to bully him!”

In the end, the child thought of something and quickly waved her small hand. “I’m not talking about you, Elder Brother Siming!”

Ye Siming gritted his teeth. “You want to say that I’m a dog again? Gu Nuo’er, if I don’t bite you, you won’t remember who I am.”

After saying that, he lowered his head.

Initially, Ye Siming only wanted to scare the child.

Unexpectedly, Gu Nuo’er dodged too quickly. He didn’t manage to rub against the girl’s cheek. Instead, his lips touched her soft neck.

Gu Nuo’er trembled. “Elder Brother Siming, you can’t eat me! Look at my small arms and legs. I’ll only be enough to pick your teeth. I won’t be able to fill your stomach at all!”

Ye Siming looked up again. His eyes seemed to have broken stars and flickered with a trace of light.

His face also turned unnaturally red.

He gritted his teeth and pretended to be disdainful. “Who wants to eat you? We’ll talk about it after you’ve been raised for a few years.”

Gu Nuo’er blinked her watery eyes.

Sob, Elder Brother Siming had actually turned her into a pre-ordered delicacy?

Baby Nuo really had it hard!

Gu Nuo’er wrapped the outer robe tightly and looked at Ye Siming with her watery black eyes. There were two faint mustache marks above her lips.

However, because it was stained with water, it had long fallen off.

In Ye Siming’s eyes, Gu Nuo’er was like a helpless little bun.

There was a hint of stubbornness in her big eyes, but the child was smart and never resisted in person.

Ye Siming sneered. For some reason, he felt that Gu Nuo’er was really getting cuter and cuter.

The child sat a little further away from him.

Ye Siming opened his arms sluggishly, “Come here, let me hug you for a while.”

Gu Nuo’er’s small body trembled. “Elder Brother Siming, don’t tell me you still want to eat me!”

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows. “What do you think?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly reached out and grabbed the child’s soft shoulder.

Then, Ye Siming gently tugged and Gu Nuo’er fell into his arms.

Although his movements were fast, there was no lack of gentleness.

It was as if he was afraid of hurting Gu Nuo’er.

The child entered his arms, her long eyelashes fluttering and her small hands clenched into milky white fists.

She silently massaged Ye Siming’s shoulder, her watery eyes glistening as she gave him a probing look. “I don’t taste good. Don’t eat me!”

Ye Siming was amused by her actions.

His eyes flickered like stars.

Ye Siming slowly lowered his head and leaned closer to the child, smiling at her for a moment.

Suddenly, he reached out his finger and gently wiped away the drawn mustache on Gu Nuo’er’s lips.

He lowered his voice and said with a doting tone that he didn’t notice—

“Gu Nuo’er, your face is so dirty.”