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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 385 - 385 Who Was the Mermaid Who Saved Him In the Water?

385 Who Was the Mermaid Who Saved Him In the Water?

The situation underwater was even more dangerous.

Ye Siming’s body was pulled left and right by the turbulent water and he couldn’t stabilize himself at all.

Not only that, but there were also broken wooden planks from an unknown small boat in the water.

Like a hidden reef, the wooden board flew over with the currents. If one was not careful, they would be scratched.

Ye Siming barely dodged. He didn’t know where Gu Nuo’er had fallen.

He searched back and forth in the water but had no clue!

He even had to hide from the lotus branches floating in the water!

It wasn’t easy for him to see a figure and swim over with all his might, only to see that it was a bandit who had fallen at some point.

He had already drowned.

Gu Nuo’er, where exactly are you?

He was distraught and kept thinking about what to do if Gu Nuo’er died.

She was so fragile and probably didn’t know how to swim at all.

Ye Siming was so anxious that he was distracted. Just as he was about to turn around, he was suddenly hit by a wooden board beside his ear.

A violent buzzing sound accompanied by the pain of thousands of needles stabbing him to death gave him a splitting headache.

The evil force in his heart that had been suppressed with violence also soared into the sky at this moment.

When it converged with the pulse in his body, it tortured Ye Siming until he couldn’t breathe!

His consciousness became a little blurry, and he couldn’t even see clearly.

At this moment, the waves seemed to gradually calm down.

Ye Siming’s limbs went limp as if he was about to sink to the bottom.

Amidst the blurriness, he seemed to see a girl in a red gauze dress with fair skin swimming quickly toward him.

There were sparkling water droplets on her long black hair.

Ye Siming could only vaguely see her extremely beautiful eyes.

This was a girl about 13 or 14 years old.

He had never seen her before and didn’t know her, but he found her familiar-looking.

When the other party was about to swim up to him, he seemed to have seen… a red and beautiful fishtail.

Was it an illusion?

Ye Siming couldn’t suppress the pain in his head and closed his eyes, falling unconscious.

A soft hand gently cupped his face.

The girl approached Ye Siming and felt his pulse with her hand to confirm his heartbeat.

Then, she shook her fishtail gently and pulled Ye Siming towards the safe center of the lake.

The world in the water was very quiet.

Only their hair was gently brushing against each other.

After an unknown period of time, Ye Siming suddenly woke up.

The headache from before had long disappeared.

The wound from the collision also disappeared.

He suddenly moved his wrist and looked around. It turned out that he was still in the water.

He was a demon god, so it didn’t matter if he could breathe.

But what about Gu Nuo’er? How long had it been? Was she alright?

The lake water had calmed down at some point.

Ye Siming hurriedly swam around, looking for Gu Nuo’er.

The moment he happened to look back, he saw a small figure floating in the water.

She didn’t move at all, looking like she had drowned.

Ye Siming quickly went over and hugged Gu Nuo’er tightly.

With him carrying her, the two of them quickly surfaced.

When Ye Siming placed Gu Nuo’er on the shore, the spectating crowd finally felt relieved.

They heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s fine, it’s fine. This youth found her!”

Jiang Xiaoran pushed through the crowd, looking anxious. “Siming, are you and the princess alright?!”

Ye Siming couldn’t be bothered with him. He anxiously turned Gu Nuo’er over and patted her small face.

“Gu Nuo’er? Gu Nuo’er!”

The child did not move, her face was very pale.

Ye Siming’s long eyes were filled with panic. He, who had always been arrogant and cold, looked at a loss.

He checked her breathing, his slender fingertips actually trembling.

“Don’t die! I beg of you, don’t die.”