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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 380 - 380 This Prince Likes Such A Clumsy Child

380 This Prince Likes Such A Clumsy Child

“Your Highness, I’ll refill some wine for you.”

This musician called Shuangzhu had a delicate voice and seemed to have no bones.

She squatted down and leaned against the table, looking even more charming.

She had an aura that made men involuntarily want to protect her.

Gu Zichen had a faint smile on his face the entire time. Shuangzhu only felt that this fifth prince looked refined and elegant. He was so handsome that people would like him.

If she knew that Gu Zichen was holding a drumstick with his hands behind his back and was still shaking it non-stop, tempting his sister to come forward and eat it, the fifth prince’s refined image would probably be destroyed in her eyes.

Shuangzhu poured a full cup of wine for Gu Zichen, unwilling to leave.

She then poured a cup for herself. “Your Highness, can I toast you?”

Gu Zichen lowered his eyes and picked up the wine cup in front of him. He smiled. “How can I not drink a toast from a beauty?”

Gu Zichen was about to raise his head and drink it.

However, a small meatball suddenly bumped into him from behind. The drumstick in Gu Zichen’s hand was also taken away by her immediately.

The wine cup in Gu Zichen’s hand immediately spilled all over the table, making the front of his clothes wet.

Gu Nuo’er immediately pretended to lower her voice and imitated how the boys in the academy talked.

However, there was always a very childish tone in her childish voice.

“Boohoo, I’m sorry, Your Highness. I didn’t do it on purpose.”

She silently raised the small drumstick in her hand and didn’t look up. She lowered her head dejectedly and said softly, “I just saw that the drumstick was about to fall and wanted to catch it.”

Before Gu Zichen could say anything, Wang Fu frowned unhappily.

Hang Tongfu had rejected him a few times and he was in a bad mood!

This fifth prince’s attendant even caused such a huge commotion!

“Your Highness, in my opinion, this attendant is too young and clumsy. Why don’t you chase him away and find another smart one?”

Gu Zichen smiled and said in a refined tone, “Unfortunately, this prince likes such a clumsy child.”

After saying that, he stood up and held Gu Nuo’er’s small hand.

Gu Zichen said to Hang Tongfu and Fu Wang, “I’ll go take care of my clothes. The lords here can chat first.”

Watching the fifth prince and the little attendant leave, Wang Fu snorted softly.

Only Shuangzhu’s gaze seemed to have a hint of regret.

Gu Zichen brought Gu Nuo’er out. He squatted down and asked his sister extremely patiently, “Nuo’er, who made you unhappy?”

The child was so smart and cautious. She would never suddenly bump into him at such a moment.

Only then did Gu Nuo’er look up. Her long black eyelashes made her eyes look lively, and her face was soft, fair, and red.

One side of the fake mustache on her lips was a little smudged.

Gu Zichen sneered and wiped it for her with his finger.

“Fifth Brother, let me tell you! That musician older sister just now is a bad person. There was something under her nails and she placed it in the wine pot. If you drink the wine, your outcome today might be that she’ll do this and that to you!”

After saying that, the child spread her hands and sighed. “Why is it that my brothers are always prone to attracting such women? How tragic!”

Gu Nuo’er looked lively and Gu Zichen was amused by her serious expression.

He stroked Gu Nuo’er’s head. “Good Baby Nuo, Eldest Brother might not be calculative when he encounters something like this, but I’m different. Later, can I make that musician pay the price?”

Gu Zichen’s tone became a little sinister and the smile on his lips became even more refined. “Her hands are not bad. How about I cut them off and feed them to the fish in the lake?”