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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 377 - 377 Gu Nuo'er's Face Can Be Kneaded Without Crushing Tofu

377 Gu Nuo’er’s Face Can Be Kneaded Without Crushing Tofu

Gu Zichen could probably see the worry in the child’s eyes.

Gu Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, his attitude very refined. “Don’t worry, Nuo’er. Since you want me to be so motivated, I’ll definitely get along well with Lord Wang.”

Gu Nuo’er looked at her brother’s intriguing smile and frowned.

Although there was nothing wrong with what her fifth brother said, his tone and expression looked like… a refined baddie.

Oh, she hoped that her fifth brother could be obedient!

The siblings walked towards the pleasure boat.

When the two of them got onto the pleasure boat, the officials standing at the bow turned around and were stunned.

“Your Highness, why are you here?” The Minister of Works, Lord Hang, was the first to greet him.

Then, his gaze swept to the child beside Gu Zichen.

This child’s appearance was really stunning. His eyes were watery and he looked like a little girl. Moreover, he was not afraid of people. His gaze swept over openly like a clear spring.

However… Why did he look a little familiar?

Before Hang Tongfu could take a closer look, Gu Zichen turned sideways and blocked his gaze.

“When I passed by this place, I saw that the few sirs seemed to be having a leisurely gathering. I don’t have anything to do either. I wonder if you can allow me to admire the scenery on this ship?” Gu Zichen smiled gently.

Hang Tongfu hesitated. “This…”

At the side, Lord Wang Fu, who had a grudge against the fifth prince, said bluntly, “Your Highness, it’s not convenient for us. We’re having a personal gathering today and you might feel uncomfortable staying.”

Gu Zichen looked over faintly. A hint of coldness flashed across his eyes that were similar to Gu Yihan’s, but it disappeared in an instant.

His sister was still at the side. He mustn’t get angry or make a move.

Gu Zichen chuckled. “It’s fine. I’m the kind of person who’s least afraid of being uncomfortable. Coincidentally, I also have a few words I want to talk to you guys about. Let’s take the boat together.”

Wang Fu wanted to say more, but Hang Tongfu tugged at his sleeve.

Things were different now. No matter how unfavored the fifth prince was, this was a public place.

If someone with ulterior motives saw or heard them impeaching them for being disrespectful to the prince, they would not have a good ending.

After all, although the emperor didn’t care about these princes, he wouldn’t like others to look down on the imperial family’s authority.

As such, Gu Zichen smoothly brought Gu Nuo’er to stay on the pleasure boat.

At the same time, in Bai Yi’s manor.

Bai Yi was flipping through medical books under the corridor in the courtyard.

He had never been willing to study and liked to swing blades and spears.

At this moment, looking at the densely packed small script in the book, he felt a headache.

However, in order to find an answer, he still read it line by line.

At this moment, Madam Bai walked into the courtyard and said to Bai Yi with a strange expression, “Hey! Husband, stop reading. Do you know what Siming was doing when I passed by his courtyard just now?”

Bai Yi flipped a page of the book. “What was he doing?”

“He was holding a piece of tofu! Don’t you think it’s strange? I stood there for a while and realized that he would just place the tofu in his hand and pinched it gently. If the tofu broke, he would be extremely vexed and change to another piece.

“What kind of new game is this? Could it be some Yaoxia Kingdom tradition? Why haven’t I seen it before?”

When Bai Yi heard this, he also found it strange.

However, Ye Siming was someone who never played by the rules.

What was so strange about pinching tofu?

Bai Yi waved his hand. “Maybe it’s his hobby? Don’t worry about it.”

Madam Bai pondered for a moment. “You’re right. I’ve asked a friend. When raising a son, we have to do our best to develop his specialties. Perhaps he’s practicing his force exertion for his martial arts practice in the future!

“I won’t talk to you anymore. I’ll go prepare a few more pieces of tofu for him.”

Madam Bai left in a hurry.

She was right. Ye Siming was clearly practicing his strength.

If it didn’t break even if he gently pinched the tofu, then the next time he touched Gu Nuo’er’s small face, it shouldn’t turn red either.