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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 374 - 374 How Stupid Can Fifth Brother Be?

374 How Stupid Can Fifth Brother Be?

Ye Siming held the reins in his hand, his figure cold.

He raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “You always like to make proper arrangements for them. Then am I the same as them in your eyes?”

Gu Nuo’er’s voice was soft as she replied without thinking, “Yes, Auntie Qu and Nanny Hu are all my good friends. Elder Brother Siming is too!”

Ye Siming’s eyes dimmed and he retorted, “There are still differences.”

“What’s different?”

Ye Siming didn’t answer anymore. Instead, he hugged Gu Nuo’er tightly and sped up the horse.

The evening breeze blew over, bringing with it the tiredness of the early summer and dusk.

It also dyed Gu Nuo’er’s eyes bright and Ye Siming’s eyes dark.

After Gu Nuo’er decided to open a shop, Duan Hanping got someone to clean up Old Jiang’s shop first.

Now, they just had to wait for the princess to decide how she wanted the interior to be modified.

Speaking of this, Gu Nuo’er had no choice but to consult a specialist.

Oh, who should she find to design the shop for her?

The child racked her brains.

She remembered that two years ago when her father wanted to repair the mausoleum for her deceased imperial grandfather, he had hired Hang Tongfu from the Ministry of Works to be the main person in charge.

This Uncle Hang was very impressive. Even the structure of the first canal was planned by him.

It was said that the appearance and structure of many palaces in the imperial palace were also done by him.

In the current dynasty, he had the reputation of being “ingenious.”

Gu Nuo’er scratched her cheek with her small hand and pondered for a moment. “Hmm… If we invite Uncle Hang to work on my small shop, it shouldn’t be a problem for him!”

However, she didn’t want to ask Minister Hang for help through Gu Yihan.

Otherwise, if the other party was unwilling, he could only agree under Gu Yihan’s pressure.

Gu Nuo’er would never take advantage of others for nothing.

Therefore, she chose a day when the sun was shining brightly in the sky and dragged the fifth prince, Gu Zichen, out of the palace with her.

In the carriage, Gu Zichen heard the entire story and chuckled. His handsome face revealed a hint of elegance.

“Oh? In that case, if Nuo’er wants to ask Minister Hang for help, why did you drag me along? If you call Eldest Brother, Minister Hang will definitely give you face.

“If you call Second Brother, Second Brother can use his money to convince him. Or you can call Third Brother. I heard that his mother, Consort Lan, used to be a close friend of Madam Hang. Third Brother will definitely be able to help you as well.”

In the slowly moving carriage, Gu Nuo’er was wearing a pink summer dress.

She was as pretty as a small lotus flower that had just emerged from the water.

She fluttered her black eyelashes and looked at Gu Zichen seriously for a while.

Gu Zichen felt a little uncomfortable.

He sat up straight involuntarily.

“Why is Nuo’er looking at me like that?”

“I’m just wondering how stupid Fifth Brother can be. It’s no wonder that Little Min and Song Youyun wanted to set you up last time. If it were me, I would also pick on id*ots because it’s easy to succeed.”

Gu Zichen raised his handsome eyebrows.

Was he being preached by a child?

The child’s cheeks were fair and cute, like flawless pink porcelain glaze.

The sunlight shone in through the half-open car window, and her fair skin glowed with a faint velvet glow.

Gu Nuo’er shook her head and sighed in a childish voice. “Fifth Brother almost doesn’t have any connections now. Baby Nuo is going to meet Uncle Hang today. He has arranged to meet two to three good friends and is taking a boat to tour the lake and fishing at the same time.

“Among them was an uncle in charge of buying satin fabrics for the palace. I remembered that Fifth Brother’s mother used to work in the weaving department.

“Therefore, Fifth Brother must have some understanding of fabrics. If we can get to know this uncle, it would be best if you can enter the officialdom through him!”