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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 365 - 365 I'll Eat Sweet Pastries, Elder Brother Siming Will Eat Sweet Pastry Crumbs

365 I’ll Eat Sweet Pastries, Elder Brother Siming Will Eat Sweet Pastry Crumbs

It was the 29th of May. It was early summer and the blue sky was clear. The wind that blew over carried some heat.

Gu Nuo’er was wearing a playful summer dress and pink butterfly embroidery shoes.

She was holding a large lotus leaf to block the sun. She had picked it herself when she passed by a lotus pond just now.

The child waited by the roadside like a kitten waiting to be claimed home. Her black spiritual eyes blinked and she looked very obedient.

She was waiting for someone.

A middle-aged man with malicious intentions and two pustules rubbed his hands and approached.

“Little girl, why are you here alone? Where’s your family?”

Gu Nuo’er looked up and raised her lotus leaf umbrella slightly.

Under the sunlight, her exquisite and fair face was revealed.

The middle-aged man was stunned for a moment.

What a pretty little beauty.

She looked like a doll made of ice and snow, but her lips were red and her teeth were white. Her black eyes were very lively.

Gu Nuo’er said in a soft voice, “Bad uncle, I have a feeling that if you don’t leave now, someone will come and kick your butt later!”

When the middle-aged man heard this, he laughed loudly.

“Little girl, who are you trying to scare? Let’s go. Uncle will bring you to buy delicious food.”

As he spoke, he reached out his hand, wanting to forcefully pull Gu Nuo’er away.

The child was calm and didn’t dodge.

At this moment, a purple-robed figure suddenly arrived.

Ye Siming raised his black boot and kicked the man away.

The man brushed against the ground and slid a meter away.

“Cough cough…” The middle-aged man spat out the dust in his mouth and got up in a sorry state. He glared at Ye Siming. “How dare you hit me in broad daylight?!”

Ye Siming was dressed in dark purple clothes and had his hair tied up with a golden head gear.

His thin eyebrows were cold and arrogant. He looked at the man as if he was looking at an ant.

His tone was cold as he spat out a word, “Scram.”

The man was furious and wanted to argue.

However, he suddenly saw a waist token hanging on Ye Siming’s waist.

The pattern of the pythons was very dazzling and luxurious. Those who could wear this waist token must be either rich or noble.

This was someone he couldn’t afford to offend.

The middle-aged man pointed at Ye Siming. “Just wait! I’ll go back and call for help!”

After saying that, he ran away.

Gu Nuo’er curved her eyes and smiled sweetly. “I knew it. He’ll get his butt kicked!”

After saying that, the child turned her black eyes to Ye Siming.

“Wow, Elder Brother Siming, you bought so much!”

Ye Siming’s temperament was cold and arrogant, but what was very out of place was that his hands were filled with freshly baked pastries.

There were red bean pastries and soft flower pastries from Xiaoxiang Restaurant, as well as the Yuelai Restaurant’s Mouth-Filling Fragrance, black sesame candies, and Gu Nuo’er’s favorite—sugar-coated red dates.

When the child came out today, she said that she wanted to try all the signature pastries from all the famous pastry shops.

Therefore, just now, Ye Siming asked her to wait obediently by the street while he went to queue to buy the pastries.

The youth squatted down and raised his long eyebrows. “I bought them because you said you wanted to eat them. But won’t you feel sick from eating so much?”

Gu Nuo’er smiled sweetly. “Don’t I still have you? Mother said that good things have to be shared. I’ll eat sweet pastries, Elder Brother Siming will eat sweet pastry crumbs.”

The child reached out her small hand, grabbed Ye Siming’s sleeve, and brought him to a teahouse to sit.

A dazzling array of pastries was placed on the table.

Gu Nuo’er tasted them carefully.

When Ye Siming was drinking tea, the child held a piece of sugar-coated red date in her small hand and brought it to Ye Siming’s lips.

“Come, I’ll feed you~”

Ye Siming looked at her serious big eyes and fluttering long eyelashes. She appeared very docile.

For some reason, he actually felt a sense of satisfaction.

Ye Siming opened his mouth obediently and was about to lower his head to eat when the child turned her finger and placed the food into her own mouth.

This little thing dared to challenge him?