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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 360 - 360 Fifth, Have You Ever Do Anything to Defile Her Innocence?

360 Fifth, Have You Ever Do Anything to Defile Her Innocence?

After Song Youyun finished speaking, everyone was shocked.

They were in the palace and the emperor was having a banquet in Xiangli Palace. Who would dare to be so blind and cause trouble?

Was that person so l*cherous?

Gu Nuo’er watched quietly, her black and lively eyes fluttering lightly.

She was going to see how Song Youyun would accuse her fifth brother.

She had stopped her fifth brother, Gu Zichen, from violating Song Youyun. However, she didn’t expect this woman to turn around and wanted to drag Gu Zichen down.

Song Youyun sighed and said, “Little Min resisted intensely and kept calling for help. The voices of the imperial guards came from not far away, causing the perpetrator to flee.

“When this subject found out about this matter, I wanted to seek justice for her. However, Little Min was abnormally afraid and repeatedly begged this subject not to spread this matter. She was afraid of bringing death upon herself.

“Under this subject’s repeated questioning, she finally said the name of the perpetrator! However, his status was really noble. No wonder Little Min was worried that this subject would not be able to seek justice for her!

“However, this subject feels that this person’s identity is very important. If we let him do whatever he wants and wear a layer of beastly skin and act like a refined scum, there won’t be any peaceful days in the palace in the future. His Majesty should feel even more uneasy then.”

When Gu Yihan heard this, his eyes darkened. He raised his eyebrows. “Tell me, who is this person?”

Song Youyun took a deep breath and turned to point at the fifth prince, who was sitting silently at the side.

“It’s the fifth prince, Gu Zichen!”

After she said this, the place fell silent!

It was for no other reason than that the fifth prince, Gu Zichen, came from a humble background and kept a very low profile. He almost didn’t have any sense of existence.

Usually, when he saw the officials, he always acted refined and did not have the airs of a prince at all.

It was really hard to tell if he was the kind of person who would commit such atrocities.

Was Song Youyun’s words true?

The maidservant, Little Min, only knelt on the ground and sobbed, not saying a word.

General Song began to realize that his eldest daughter’s plan was too sudden and there were probably some places that were heavily flawed.

If the emperor found out about this later, she would definitely be severely punished!

He stood up and said with a serious expression, “Yun’er, there must be a misunderstanding. Little Min might have seen it wrongly. Hurry up and apologize to the Fifth Highness!”

However, Song Youyun was very determined. “No! Father, Little Min didn’t lie. It’s just that the fifth prince almost tainted her!”

After saying that, she suddenly took out something from her sleeve. “Little Min has evidence! The jade pendant that the fifth prince has always kept on him fell accidentally when she was struggling.”

Gu Zichen subconsciously looked down at his waist.

Indeed, the jade pendant he had been carrying with him had disappeared.

The coiling dragon walnut-colored jade pendant in Song Youyun’s hand belonged to him.

Gu Yihan looked at the fifth prince leisurely. “Fifth, have you done anything to defile her innocence?”

Gu Zichen stood up from his seat, cupped his hands, and said calmly, “Father, I’ve never done that.”

Song Youyun was agitated. “The fifth prince is lying!”

Gu Nuo’er couldn’t stand it anymore.

It was Gu Zichen’s fault for wanting to humiliate her first, but if she wanted to uphold justice, she could use her true experiences to seek justice.

However, she had to push her maidservant out and fake an incident where the fifth prince wanted to taint her maidservant. She made it sound like Gu Zichen was a willful l*cher!

It was obvious that Song Youyun wanted to bully the fifth prince who had no background so that he would never be able to get up again.

At the same time, she had to ensure her innocence and not let everyone know that she had taken the initiative to s*duce the fifth prince.

Otherwise, how would she be able to get close to the first prince in the future?