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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 357 - 357 Second Brother Has a Stomachache, Fifth Brother Ate Too Much

357 Second Brother Has a Stomachache, Fifth Brother Ate Too Much

Gu Nuo’er jumped down from the stool, her bun hairstyle trembling.

She waved her small hand. “What else can we do? Of course, you have to come with us and pretend that you never came and that nothing happened.”

Gu Zichen’s eyes were deep. “What if she complains after she wakes up? Why don’t I kill her now and dump her corpse in Penglai Lake? I’ll do it cleanly and not let Second Brother and Sister get implicated.”

When Gu Nuo’er heard this, she jumped up angrily. She originally wanted to hit Gu Zichen’s head, but she could only reach his stomach.

When Gu Zichen saw this, he lowered his head to let her hit him.

The child swung her pink fist over, but it only bounced lightly.

“I called you a stupid older brother, but you turned out to really be one! This older sister of the Song family must still want to marry Eldest Brother, so she definitely won’t tell anyone about what happened tonight.

“Otherwise, how do you expect her to bring this up? Is she going to say that she got into an argument with you in the room because of old feelings and you tore her clothes? She’s not stupid and definitely won’t say anything.

“If you kill her today, the Song Family will definitely pursue the matter. When they find out that you did it, you’ll really be destroyed by her.”

After saying that, Gu Nuo’er turned around and walked to the door. She waved her small hand and said in an imposing manner, “Second Brother, Stupid Brother, come with me!”

The second prince was already used to his sister’s strange and smart way of handling things.

Sometimes, he felt that she was just a child, but sometimes, he felt that she was very smart!

No matter how big the matter was, she would always think of a way to make a decision.

The second prince took a few steps and turned around to see that the fifth prince was still standing there in a daze.

He pushed the fifth prince. “Let’s go, Fifth Brother. It’ll definitely not be wrong to listen to Sister. It’s not that I want to say this, but your taste is a little too bad. What’s so good about Song Youyun? I don’t even like her even if she is gifted. Later, Second Brother will bring you to a br*thel. The girls there are beautiful and talented.”

Gu Nuo’er suddenly turned around, her pink cheeks puffed up, and she frowned in dissatisfaction.

“Second Brother, you’re spouting nonsense again. I’m still a child. Why don’t you consider me before saying such things? See if I don’t tell Mother Yi!”

The second prince panicked. “Don’t, Nuo’er. Brother is just comforting Fifth Brother! Aiya, Fifth Brother, quickly put in a word for me. I was scolded by Nuo’er because of you!”

The fifth prince pursed his lips and smiled. His delicate face was filled with scholarly vigor.

At this moment, his expression was no longer dark.

This was also the first time he was this close to his siblings.

He, who used to like to be alone, suddenly felt it was good to have someone to laugh and play with.

In the past, he always felt that he came from a lowly background and was afraid that his brothers would look down on him, so he was unwilling to interact with them.

However, after interacting with them for a while, he felt that neither the second prince, Gu Zitang, nor his sister, Gu Nuo’er, had any intention of looking down on him.

Instead, when he was furious and almost degenerated, they pulled him back.

Gu Zichen looked at the small figure walking at the front, his eyes dimming.

He seemed to understand why all the brothers in the palace liked their only sister.

When they returned to the banquet, everyone was still clinking wine cups. The scene was lively.

No one noticed that the two brothers had brought the little princess back.

When the first prince, Gu Zixiao, saw this, he asked in confusion, “The three of you didn’t go out together. Why did you come back together?”

Gu Nuo’er tugged at the first prince’s clothes with her small hand and climbed onto his lap. She pointed with her small hand, wanting to eat a drumstick.

She said softly, “Second Brother had a stomachache and Fifth Brother ate too much. So Baby Nuo went to bring them back!”