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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 356 - 356 The Older Brother, Who Had Turned Evil, Had Become Willing to Listen

356 The Older Brother, Who Had Turned Evil, Had Become Willing to Listen

The fifth prince panted heavily and looked towards the door.

A small figure stood at the door with the moonlight on her back. Even the myriad of stars behind her appeared dark

Gu Nuo’er’s bright and fair face was filled with exquisiteness.

However, at this moment, there was a hint of sharpness in her eyes.

The fifth prince frowned.

Why was this troublesome sister here too?

Gu Nuo’er walked in and closed the door behind her.

Perhaps because he had been completely exposed, the fifth prince tore off his hypocritical mask and sneered.

“Save my life? Sister, you’re really naive. Once I take Song Youyun for myself today, she can only marry me. Even if my status is low, do you think Father will blame me for the Song family?”

He was right. Their father didn’t care about such things at all.

However, Gu Nuo’er cared.

She didn’t want to see Song Youyun’s innocence destroyed. This evil person should be punished in a normal way being tied together with the fifth prince, Gu Zichen, and they would torment each other for life.

When Gu Nuo’er heard Gu Zichen’s words, she was very angry.

She huffed and puffed as she climbed onto a stool. Her small hands were on her hips, and there was a hint of anger on her round and fair face, making her exquisite face even more lively.

“Yes, Father might not blame you. However, have you thought about what your life will become after marrying Song Youyun?

“First, she’ll cheat on you all the time! Not only that, but you also have to be on guard day and night to prevent her from seducing your brothers! Do you think she’ll be honest?!

“Given how ambitious she is, will the Song Family guide her in secret and help you obtain power? But do you think that will really be your power? At that time, you’ll just be a pawn in the hands of the big baddie from the Song Family!”

Gu Nuo’er spoke eloquently, her childish voice narrating clearly.

“I really don’t want to care about you! However, you’re Father’s son after all. What if you marry a rat sh*t and ruin our pot of porridge?!

“I can guarantee that once you marry her, your future will definitely not be better than now. You will only be made used of and deceived by her until you really have nothing left.

“No matter how meticulous you were, could you be more ruthless than the Song Family? With their entire family dealing against you alone, wouldn’t you be completely fooled by them?

“Don’t try to deny and say that I’m wrong. Think about how you were deceived by Song Youyun previously and only now did you find out that she wants to use you as a stepping stone to get close to Eldest Brother!

“That’s why I said that I was saving your life. Because your surname is Gu, I can’t just watch as you step into the abyss. Do you understand? You’re going to be the cuck*ld king and be teased to death!”

The second prince looked at his precious sister’s lecturing in surprise.

As for the fifth prince, Gu Zichen, he seemed to have been scolded silly by her and could only look at her in a daze.

After a long while, the child panted and asked with her hands on her hips, “Do you understand?! If you still want to marry her after what I said, then just treat it as if Second Brother and I have never been here before. If you cover yourself with a blanket with her, Father will be able to bestow a marriage tomorrow!”

Gu Zichen came back to his senses and reached out his fingertips, wanting to help Gu Nuo’er down.

This was because he was terrified that she would fall with her jumping up and down on the stool as she lost her temper.

“Come down first and talk. Don’t be stepping on this. It’s dangerous.”

Gu Nuo’er twisted her small face and snorted arrogantly.

She didn’t accept his good intentions at all.

“I don’t want a stupid brother to tell me what to do! Hurry up and think about it. There’s not much time left.”

Gu Zichen calmed down and looked at Song Youyun, who was lying unconscious on the bed.

He looked at Gu Nuo’er and asked in a low voice, “Sister, what do you think I should do?”

Her older brother, who had turned evil, had become willing to listen.