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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 354 - 354 You Want to Be the Crown Princess, Right? I'll Destroy You Today

354 You Want to Be the Crown Princess, Right? I’ll Destroy You Today

Halfway through the banquet, the second prince hurriedly left Xiangli Palace with a grim expression.

The third prince Gu Ziyao was right.

The second prince, Gu Zitang, thought this as he quickly ran out.

He held his aching stomach and looked for a suitable outhouse.

He really should have listened to his third brother. He really got a stomachache after eating venison with strong wine!

At this moment, everyone was eating in the palace. The imperial guards were also guarding the vicinity of Xiangli Palace.

Therefore, it was quiet everywhere except for the moonlight, lonely stars, and the night.

One had to pass through the lychee forest to reach the outhouse.

The stone path meandered forward, illuminated by bright bluish-white moonlight.

It only accentuated Gu Zitang’s anxious figure.

Suddenly, after passing through the forest, he heard an irritable bellow coming from the side pavilion building—

“Then what about me?! What am I?”

Eh? Why did this voice sound so much like his fifth brother’s?!

It had to be known that the fifth prince had always been reserved and silent. It was rare for him to have such a bad temper.

The side pavilion building where the sound came from was dark. There was someone inside, but there was no light lit up?

The strong urge to gossip made Gu Zitang stop running towards the outhouse.

He crept a little closer and pricked up his ears to listen.

After the fifth prince finished speaking, a sobbing and resentful female voice sounded.

“But you also know that my parents have high hopes for me. If I marry the first prince and become the crown princess in the future, I can still support you. Can you not be angry? If the first prince and I can get together, it will also be beneficial to you. I’ll help you!”

These words were extremely hurtful to a man’s pride.

The fifth prince became even angrier. “What nonsense are you saying? You actually want to sleep with Eldest Brother and then come to curry favor with me? Do you also look down on me and think that my status is low?!”

“I don’t! Oh my, what are you doing?! You’re hurting me. Let go!”

The second prince listened quietly and frowned in thought.

Why did he feel that this lady’s voice sounded so familiar?

The fifth prince said angrily, “Song Youyun, you were the one who took the initiative to provoke me back then. You said that you admired my talent and wanted to use my lyrics book to learn. It turns out that from that moment on, you’ve already made up your mind to use me as a stepping stone to get to know Eldest Brother, right?!”

The second prince seemed to be able to imagine his fifth brother’s irritable mood.

Then, he suddenly realized—

Oh! No wonder the girl’s voice was familiar. Wasn’t she the eldest daughter of the Song family who wanted to perform for the first prince?

Song Youyun was probably in pain from the fifth prince’s grip, so she also became angry.

“That’s right! Gu Zichen, are you really not going to assess your own weight? Why do I have to keep following you? In terms of power, you can’t compare to the first prince. In terms of money, you can’t compare to the second prince. Your talent is even inferior to the third prince.

“Even the dead fourth prince has more power and influence than you! Do you think I’ll really like you? I advise you not to be ungrateful. Otherwise, when I become the crown princess, your life will be the first one I take!”

The fifth prince looked at the woman in front of him in shock and anger.

This girl had once said that she liked him and had also accompanied him when he was alone!

But now, she said that all of this was fake and it was just so that she could get closer to the first prince, Gu Zixiao?!

“You want to be the crown princess, right? I’ll ruin you today and let you know how ridiculous your thoughts are.”

The fifth prince sneered and suddenly pressed Song Youyun down.

Gu Zitang suddenly heard Song Youyun’s scream from outside the door—

“What are you doing? You’re crazy! Let go!”

Rip. The sound of clothes tearing followed.