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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 353 - 353 The Things I Like Have to Be Mine

353 The Things I Like Have to Be Mine

Gu Nuo’er blinked and watched as the fifth prince left.

The child could not get close to this fifth brother no matter what.

This was because when she was two years old, she saw the fifth prince shoot down a sparrow that was disturbing his rest with a slingshot when there was no one around.

Then, this prince, who usually seemed to be gentle and taciturn, actually picked up the sparrow and threw it fiercely to the ground.

He repeated this action multiple times until the sparrow stopped fluttering.

Everything happened too quickly. Gu Nuo’er was too young at that time and couldn’t stop this in time.

Moreover, she didn’t understand that this method was cruel.

She just leaned behind a window and watched on in surprise.

After the fifth prince was done, he left, leaving behind the sparrow’s corpse.

He then returned to become the low-key and cautious fifth prince in everyone’s eyes.

From then on, when Gu Nuo’er saw the fifth prince, she couldn’t help but think of the little sparrow which had died tragically.

The child naturally distanced herself from this older brother.

Moreover, the fifth prince didn’t seem to like his younger sister very much. He wasn’t as good to Gu Nuo’er as the other dozen or so older brothers.

Seeing the fifth prince leave, Gu Nuo’er didn’t react at all.

However, her black and round eyes flickered.

The child quietly turned her head and said to the first prince, Gu Zixiao, “Eldest Brother, if you don’t believe that I dreamed it, then just wait and see. Something will happen to that older sister from the Song family soon!”

Gu Zixiao frowned when he heard this, feeling very puzzled.

No matter how much he asked, Gu Nuo’er refused to say anything else.

Her childish face focused on the dishes on the table before she ran into the second prince’s arms.

The child’s “equal treatment” made her brothers happy.

At this moment, Ye Siming, who was far away at another table, looked at the child who was “embracing different people with both arms”.

His thin lips curled up slightly and he sneered.

Bai Yi, who was sitting beside Ye Siming, noticed the commotion and turned around. He realized that a jar of wine was almost finished by Ye Siming.

He was shocked.

If his wife were to find out about this, she would definitely scold him for not taking good care of the child!

“Siming, don’t drink anymore and eat more. You’ve drunk enough today. Lord Pang and Lord Zhu have all been knocked out after drinking with you!” Bai Yi pointed at his colleagues at the same table. The other two were hugging their wine cups and lying on the table.

At first, they only felt that Ye Siming was a young hero and was valued by the emperor, so they wanted to get close to him.

They didn’t expect this young boy to be so good at drinking!

When Lord Zhu heard this, he raised his chubby face in a daze. “I… I’m not drunk. I… I’m not drunk. Marquis Yongye… is awesome!”

Then, with a bang, he fell onto the table and couldn’t get up.

Bai Yi closed his eyes, unable to bear to look at this scene.

Ye Siming’s expression was sluggish and the youth’s eyes were deep. When he sat there, his aura was not inferior to the emperor.

His slender fingers knocked on the table. “Old Bai, let me ask you. How many rounds do you think the first prince can last against me?”

Bai Yi was shocked and quickly looked around to confirm that no one was paying attention to them.

He panicked and scolded in a low voice, “What nonsense are you talking about?! The first prince is going to be the crown prince in the future, but you want to fight him?”

“What’s there to be afraid of? My rule is that the things I like have to be mine. If others touch them, I’ll be unhappy. If you don’t want me to be unhappy, you have to win against me.”

Bai Yi was puzzled.

What did Ye Siming like? What did the first prince take from him?

Perhaps seeing that Bai Yi’s expression was too bad, Ye Siming let out a low laugh and patted Bai Yi’s shoulder. “I’m just saying. Don’t be afraid. Wipe your chin. There’s vegetable sauce on it.”

Bai Yi was stunned and quickly wiped it.

Then, he inexplicably felt…

Why did Ye Siming appear more like the elder between them?!

Also, did he call him Old Bai again?!