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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 348 - 348 Nuo'er, You Don't Want Father to Carry You Anymore?

348 Nuo’er, You Don’t Want Father to Carry You Anymore?

Gu Yihan’s expression was already dark and his tone was cold. “How dare you!”

Fang Yirou lay on the ground, pressed down by Ye Siming’s sheath, and was unable to get up.

She was already trembling in fear, but she didn’t forget to cry and argued, “Your Majesty, this subject is innocent! Why would this subject have to drug the first prince and even put my innocence on the line? What benefits would this subject have?! Your Majesty, please be a clear judge!”

Gu Nuo’er turned her head and retorted fiercely, “There are many benefits! You just want to use unclean methods to marry my eldest brother so that you can realize your dream of soaring in status! Otherwise, why don’t you tell me, who was the one to take off your clothes?! It couldn’t be me who had taken them off for you!”

Fang Yirou stammered, “I… I…”

Among the officials, the Minister of Rites hurriedly stood up, his face pale.

He looked at his wife and daughter, who were both lying on the ground.

How could things turn out like this?!

Lord Fang, the Minister of Rites, quickly knelt on the ground. “Your Majesty! This subject’s wife and daughter have committed such a treasonous act. This subject doesn’t dare to plead for them. I only beg Your Majesty to spare their lives!”

Gu Yihan narrowed his long and narrow eyes, anger seething in them.

He was holding a welcoming banquet for his son and the Grace Defender Duke, but someone actually dared to use despicable methods to plot against his eldest son at this moment.

If he were to let them off so easily, how could they swallow this anger? How could he establish his might in the imperial court?

Gu Yihan lowered his head and looked at Little Nuo’er, who was still sobbing and trembling in his arms.

He slowly exhaled and finally said coldly, “Pass down my oral verdict. I won’t tolerate Madam Fang and this Miss Fang for scheming in the palace.

“However, on account of Nuo’er’s virtue of carrying for all lives, I don’t wish to be ruthless and merciless to take lives. The death penalty can be exempted, but each of them will be flogged a hundred times. If they can still live, that will be the will of the heavens and I’ll naturally have no objections.”

Everyone was in an uproar.

Even a strong man couldn’t take a hundred beatings, let alone two women.

Even if they didn’t die, they would be crippled.

The emperor’s euphemistic method of granting death was well used!

Lord Fang knew that this was already the greatest concession the irritable and fierce emperor could make.

He kowtowed deeply and thanked him.

The imperial guards dragged Fang Yirou and Madam Fang away, but Fang Yirou felt that she’d rather just die.

How could she have the face to live when so many people saw her wearing only her undergarment?!

Gu Nuo’er said softly, “Father, we can’t let any bad person off. There’s also a palace maid who lied about the problematic wine being tea and sent it over for Eldest Brother to drink. We can’t let her off either!”

Among the palace maids, a young maid who had her head lowered, trembled.

She didn’t expect the little princess to be so smart and clear-headed.

None of them could escape.

Under Gu Nuo’er’s guidance, the palace maids who had been bribed were captured by the imperial guards.

She cried and begged for mercy. “Your Majesty, Princess, please spare this servant! This servant shouldn’t have been greedy for money for a moment. This servant accepted Miss Fang’s money to help her frame His Highness. This servant won’t dare to do it again!”

Gu Yihan didn’t even look at her. He waved his hand and got the imperial guards to drag her away.

After the matter was settled, Gu Nuo’er stopped crying.

Her eyes were sparkling after being washed by her tears.

She struggled to slide to the ground with her small hands and feet. She placed her hands on her hips and looked up at Gu Zixiao with a smile. “Eldest Brother, Nuo’er has protected you. You have to quickly bring me the gift you prepared for me later!”

Gu Zixiao pursed his lips and smiled helplessly. “You’re so mischievous.”

Gu Nuo’er ran up to Ye Siming and looked up at the youth, who was still obediently wearing the cloth over his eyes.

She reached out her small hands. “Elder Brother Siming, carry~”

Gu Yihan widened his eyes. “Nuo’er, you don’t want Father to carry you anymore?”