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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 341 - 341 Dreamed of Something Incredible

341 Dreamed of Something Incredible

The next morning was the plan for Noble Consort Qiao to bring Gu Nuo’er back to the palace.

Otherwise, if they were to leave the palace for too long, Gu Yihan might find his way to the Grace Defender Duke Manor because he missed his daughter.

“Brother, I personally prepared this small medicine bag. Get Elder Brother Ah Zhong to help you hang it on your bed’s tent. It smells very good and can guarantee that you’ll have good dreams!”

Before Gu Nuo’er left, she handed Qiao Xiuli a stuffed purple sachet with ordinary workmanship.

There was no time for her to prepare the sachet, so this was bought from the streets.

Qiao Xiuli opened it with a faint smile and saw that it was stuffed with all kinds of petals and a few pieces of fragrant licorice.

It was obvious that the child had done it on a whim.

Qiao Xiuli didn’t know that Gu Nuo’er had infused her magic power onto this.

Every night, the immortal powers in the sachet would drift out and unblock the meridians in Qiao Xiuli’s legs.

If he received treatment well, Qiao Xiuli would be able to stand up in less than a year.

He didn’t know how magical this sachet was, but because it was carefully prepared by his sister, Qiao Xiuli liked it very much.

He smiled gently. “I’ll definitely do as Nuo’er says and hang it at the head of the bed every night.”

When Gu Nuo’er heard this, her pink lips smiled cutely. “Oh, Older Brother has to be obedient. You mustn’t fool Nuo’er!”

Noble Consort Qiao carried Gu Nuo’er and was about to leave, but the Grace Defender Duke felt very unwilling to see them leave.

He leaned against the carriage’s window and kept handing food boxes in.

Noble Consort Qiao felt helpless. “Father, there’s food in the palace. We’re not going on a long trip. Why do you have to give us so much? We can’t even take it.”

The Grace Defender Duke’s stern eyes turned cold. “Did I prepare these for you? Nuo’er is young and gets hungry quickly! These are for her. What if she gets hungry on the way back to the palace? As a mother, you don’t care at all.”

Gu Nuo’er quickly waved her small hand and said in a soft voice, “Grandpa~ You’re wrong about this! Mother treats me the best. She usually gives Nuo’er a lot to eat, causing my stomach to often turn round!”

When the Grace Defender Duke saw that his granddaughter was so cute, he laughed heartily.

“Baby Nuo, you have to think of Grandpa more when you return to the palace. If your mother bullies you, write a letter to Grandpa. Be good.”

Gu Nuo’er nodded seriously, her cheeks trembling slightly as she said in a childish voice, “Yes!”

Old Madam Qiao tugged at the Grace Defender Duke. “That’s enough, the children still have to go back to the palace. Don’t be reluctant to part with them. At most, when we miss Nuo’er in the future, we’ll go to the state school to wait for her classes to end. It’s not like we won’t be able to see her.”

Noble Consort Qiao added, “That’s right, Father. You still have to enter the palace tonight. The emperor has organized a welcoming banquet and you’ll still be able to see Nuo’er then.”

Then, Noble Consort Qiao looked at Qiao Zijin and Yan Qimeng. “Eldest Brother, Eldest Sister-in-law, we’ll go back to the palace now. Xiuli, Aunt will continue to look for famous doctors for you. Don’t be anxious. When you’re in a cheerful mood, your legs will naturally recover faster.”

Qiao Xiuli pursed his lips and smiled faintly. “Thank you, Aunt. However, with Nuo’er accompanying me these few days, I’ve already let go of a lot of things. It’s my fault for making Father and Mother worry in the past.”

Yan Qimeng sighed. “Now that Nuo’er is here, Xiuli doesn’t dislike going out anymore. Nuo’er, can you come home more often to play in the future?”

Gu Nuo’er nodded seriously, her small head swaying.

She said in a childish voice, “Of course. I still have to wait for Brother to bring me to ride a big horse after his legs recover!”

Everyone laughed. After a while, the carriage left the Grace Defender Duke Manor.

The child leaned against her mother’s body and played for a while. However, after a short while, she yawned sleepily.

Her big eyes were watery.

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and said, “Mother will hug you while you sleep, alright?”

Gu Nuo’er obediently crawled into Noble Consort Qiao’s arms. She rubbed her eyes with her fair hands and fell asleep.

Unexpectedly, she dreamed of something incredible this time.