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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 340 - 340 She's the Only One Who Is the Most Special

340 She’s the Only One Who Is the Most Special

Then, before Qiao Xiuli could reply, Ye Siming carried Gu Nuo’er into his arms.

Qiao Xiuli opened his mouth to say something, but he saw that Gu Nuo’er didn’t put up any resistance in Ye Siming’s arms. Instead, she swayed her small hands and feet and smiled happily.

Therefore, Qiao Xiu gave up on the idea and just watched indifferently from the side.

As it was inconvenient for the wheelchair to go near the pond to avoid accidentally falling in, Qiao Xiuli was a little away from Ye Siming and Gu Nuo’er.

Ye Siming carried Gu Nuo’er and squatted by the pond.

Gu Nuo’er grabbed the fish food that Ah Zhong had brought and sprinkled it into the pond bit by bit.

A group of koi fish came up to fight for it, but the two red koi fish swam over and then left.

The child said softly, “Elder Brother Siming, guess what Little Red and Big Red said?”

Ye Siming was very close to her pink face. His thin and long eyes were filled with a smile as he raised his eyebrows and asked, “I don’t know. Can you tell me?”

The child’s body was fragrant and soft. If he could eat her in one bite, she would definitely taste delicious.

Gu Nuo’er didn’t notice anything and pointed at the red koi fish with her small finger. “They’re saying “Wow, this fish food tastes so bad! Let’s run quickly!”

Ye Siming let out a stifled laugh at her innocent and cute appearance.


Ye Siming looked at Gu Nuo’er’s delicate side profile. His voice was deep and pleasant, carrying an imperceptible hint of probing.

“Gu Nuo’er, on the day I returned to the city, you heard that I was injured. Why did you come running to look for me?”

Gu Nuo’er blinked and felt that Ye Siming’s question was unnecessary.

The child scattered all the fish food in her hand and said softly, “It’s because I’m worried about you! If Elder Brother Siming is seriously injured~ I can blow on your injury for you~”

After Gu Nuo’er said that, she smacked her hands together.

She held Ye Siming’s hand that was scratched by the branch seriously and looked back and forth.

“Let me check if your injuries have healed?” Gu Nuo’er tilted her head with a cute expression. “Oh, you recovered so quickly. I can’t see it anymore!”

In reality, the scratch was so shallow that it almost couldn’t be seen any more the next day.

However, in Gu Nuo’er’s heart, getting injured was a big deal!

Ye Siming was a dog that needed someone to take care of… Ah, no, he was a big wolf!

Seeing that Gu Nuo’er was seriously concerned about him, Ye Siming’s ice-cold heart seemed to have a crack. Then, the warm spring sun seeped in bit by bit, bringing with it a throbbing and warmth.

He chuckled, his eyes reflecting the water. His youthful aura was dazzling.

Mortals in the world were said to be boring and troublesome, and their lifespans were short.

Then Gu Nuo’er must be the cutest among them. Moreover, she was the only one.

As a bystander, Qiao Xiuli clearly sensed the difference in Ye Siming’s treatment of Gu Nuo’er.

The sharp and arrogant aura around him was completely restrained.

In front of his sister, he was like a handsome youth.

It would not make anyone think of how much blood his hands had been stained with when he followed Bai Yi to suppress bandits.

Ye Siming left his cleanest side to Gu Nuo’er.

Qiao Xiuli pondered for a moment. No one knew what he was thinking.

Before Ye Siming left, he greeted the Grace Defender Duke and his wife.

Although he was unbridled, when facing the two elders, he spoke calmly and in a refined manner without a hint of irritation.

When the Grace Defender Duke heard that Ye Siming was skilled in martial arts, he wanted to compete with him.

However, before he could stand up, Old Madam Qiao scolded him.

“When you compete with a child, it’d be an unfair victory for you if you win, but it’s embarrassing for you if you lose. Old man, save it!”

Only then did the Grace Defender Duke give up.

The Qiao Family asked Ye Siming to stay for dinner with them before he left.

This time, even Noble Consort Qiao praised him for being young and promising and looked at him in a different light.

In response, Gu Nuo’er said in a childish voice, “Elder Brother Siming is super good!”