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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 339 - 339 Let Me Carry You, Alright?

339 Let Me Carry You, Alright?

Gu Nuo’er opened her eyes wide, her watery eyes filled with joy.

“Wow, how many candies can I buy?”

Ye Siming pondered for a moment. “It should be a lot.”

Ah Zhong couldn’t help but say, “That’s not all. Marquis, if you’re willing, it won’t be a problem to buy all the candy shops in the capital!”

Gu Nuo’er immediately cheered.

Qiao Xiuli frowned slightly and said softly, “Ah Zhong, don’t talk too much.”

The child was very happy and danced around. She took out the seal and stamped her pink face.

This was a freshly engraved seal. Fortunately, there was no red mud. Otherwise, her face would have gotten dirty now.

Qiao Xiuli was stunned. “Nuo’er, what are you doing?”

Gu Nuo’er smiled and said in a soft and cute voice, “Teacher taught me that I have to return favors! Elder Brother Siming wants to use all his money to buy candies for me to eat, so I have to give myself to him! In the future, Baby Nuo will belong to the Yongye Monkey… Mmmm!”

Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Xiuli covered her mouth.

Ye Siming’s brows turned cold, feeling rather displeased.

Even if this Qiao Xiuli was her cousin, how could he touch her so easily?

Qiao Xiuli looked surprised and quickly corrected Gu Nuo’er. “Nuo’er, you can’t speak such childish nonsense at this moment. We’ll accept the marquis’s good intentions. Shall we return the seal to the marquis?”

Gu Nuo’er blinked her big eyes and shook her head stubbornly.

Hmph, she wasn’t going to give it back!

Second Brother had said that some money is better when held in one’s own hands!

Her cousin must have thought that she didn’t understand the importance of money because she was young. Hmph!

If Qiao Xiuli still wanted to persuade her, the child would lower her eyelashes aggrievedly. Her small body would tremble as if she was gathering strength and preparing to wait loudly.

Ye Siming watched from the side, his slender fingers twitching a little.

If it were any other time, he would have already gotten into a fight with Qiao Xiuli.

However, he was Gu Nuo’er’s cousin. If Qiao Xiuli were to get beaten up, the little thing would definitely be sad.

Ye Siming pursed his lips and said in a cold tone, “Young Master Qiao, I gave this to Gu Nuo’er. Since it’s between the two of us, you don’t have to interfere anymore.”

Qiao Xiuli also looked up and met Ye Siming’s eyes.

Telling him not to interfere? If he didn’t interfere, his sister was going to give herself away!

However, Qiao Xiuli couldn’t care less at this moment because Gu Nuo’er’s eyes had already turned watery.

He couldn’t bear to see his sister cry and could only compromise. “Alright, since Nuo’er likes it, then keep it. However, if Marquis regrets this and wants it back in the future, you’ll have to reason with Nuo’er.”

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows and smiled arrogantly. “I definitely won’t take back the things I give her. You don’t have to worry.”

With this, Gu Nuo’er stopped crying and was overjoyed.

Because of her warm invitation, the few of them came to the back garden of the Grace Defender Duke’s estate.

There was a small pond here that was filled with green lotus leaves. In midsummer, pink lotus flowers would bloom.

Gu Nuo’er had liked fish since she was young and she would never eat fish.

Therefore, the Grace Defender Duke asked someone to buy a group of koi fish to raise in the pond.

There were two red koi fish that looked the best.

They were chubby and lively.

Every time someone approached, they would swim over and wait to be fed.

Ye Siming was not in the mood to admire the koi fish. Instead, he kept glancing at Gu Nuo’er, who was sitting on Qiao Xiuli’s lap.

A moment later, he finally said to the child, “Eldest Young Master Qiao has carried you for a long time. He must be tired. Let me carry you, alright?”