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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 336 - 336 He Felt That the Noble Consort Loved Him Deeply

336 He Felt That the Noble Consort Loved Him Deeply

Old Madam Qiao nodded. “I hope so.”

The butterfly that had stopped on the flower in Gu Nuo’er’s hand suddenly flapped its wings and flew up.

The child immediately said, “Oh? Grandpa is back!”

Almost at the same time, the Grace Defender Duke’s voice sounded from the flower gate in the garden—

“I’ve got news! Yayu is fine!”

This morning, Noble Consort Qiao had entered the palace for a long time but there was no news of her.

This made the two elders of the Qiao Family extremely worried.

Old Madam Qiao suggested that the Grace Defender Duke should visit some of his friends who were still working in the imperial court.

He could check if the emperor had said anything in the morning court or if there was any news related to Noble Consort Qiao.

After noon, the Grace Defender Duke finally returned.

Old Madam Qiao quickly held Gu Nuo’er’s hand and approached. “How is it? Is Yayu alright? If she’s fine, why isn’t she home yet?”

The Grace Defender Duke waved his hand and was panting.

The child quickly turned around and ran up to him with a teacup in her two fair hands.

“Grandpa~ You’ve worked hard~ Have some water!”

The Grace Defender Duke took the teacup and downed it in one gulp.

Then, he smiled and picked Gu Nuo’er up. “Our Baby Nuo cares the most about your grandfather, right?”

Old Madam Qiao became anxious. “Hurry up and tell me what happened to Yayu! Don’t be such a dilly-dally old man!”

The Duke laughed heartily. “Madam, you’re just impatient. Yayu has taken after you. This morning, Yayu brought the box into the palace, but after the emperor saw it, he wasn’t angry. After the court was over, he even brought Yayu to a hundred-year-old acacia tree in the palace to tie a concentric lock together. That’s why he was delayed and didn’t come back.”

Old Madam Qiao frowned. “Why did you suddenly do this for no reason? Didn’t His Majesty see that dragon robe?”

“I’m not sure, but I heard a friend mention something strange. This morning, an official wearing a bright yellow dragon robe went to court and was…”

Before the Grace Defender Duke could finish speaking, he suddenly lowered his head and looked at Gu Nuo’er, who was in his arms.

As expected, the child opened her eyes wide and blinked her black and watery eyes, waiting curiously for the next part!

No, no. What was going to happen next was too bloody. He couldn’t say it in front of his granddaughter.

The Grace Defender Duke cleared his throat. “And was punished by His Majesty.”

Old Madam Qiao found this very suspicious. “Are you sure you’ve clarified the matter? Why do things sound a little strange when you’re saying them?

“How can there be such a coincidence? Yayu was just about to say something about the dragon robe when someone wore a dragon robe to court. Wouldn’t that be strange?!”

Gu Nuo’er followed her grandmother’s words and pinched her chin with her small hand, pretending to be deep in thought.

“Oh, it’s really strange. What’s going on? Did a little fairy help?”

The Grace Defender Duke and his wife were deep in thought and recalled the series of events of this matter, not noticing the cunning and smug look that flashed across the child’s eyes.

In the afternoon, Noble Consort Qiao finally returned. Her face was still red.

The emperor seemed to like this a lot.

Usually, Gu Yihan felt that Noble Consort Qiao was too fierce and not feminine enough.

Unexpectedly, what the Noble Consort did this time made him feel that the noble consort loved him deeply like a little girl, praying to be of one heart and mind with him.

Therefore, he was especially amiable to Noble Consort Qiao.

This made Noble Consort Qiao, who had originally planned to accept a negative outcome from this matter, feel at a loss.

After returning home, she told the two elders of the Qiao Family what had happened.

The Qiao Family sat together and pondered, asking in confusion, “What exactly is going on…”