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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 335 - 335 We'll Do Our Best to Protect You

335 We’ll Do Our Best to Protect You

General Song also felt that this matter was strange. No matter how stupid Bian Yuanzhong was, he wouldn’t do such a thing.

Could it be that he was really possessed?

He couldn’t make sense of this and was extremely annoyed.

“We no longer have any way to investigate what happened to him. It’s just that in the future, we have to be even more careful when dealing with the cunning Bai Yi and his son! Once we find an opportunity, we must grab onto it and definitely won’t let them live!”

Song Qiyuan immediately nodded. “Yes!”

The grudge between General Song and Bai Yi started decades ago.

Back then, the two of them were both young men with superb martial arts skills. Unfortunately, Bai Yi was always one level higher than him.

Not only that, but because of Bai Yi’s benevolent and righteous personality, he received a lot of praise from the commoners and the imperial court.

When Gu Yihan was still the crown prince, Bai Yi also served as the leader of the crown prince’s guards.

The relationship between the two of them gradually got closer. Therefore, after Gu Yihan ascended the throne, he placed Bai Yi in an important position.

Coupled with Bai Yi’s repeated military credits, his reputation directly crushed General Song.

General Song was enveloped by Bai Yi’s halo and lived like an invisible person.

All these years, he had been looking for an opportunity to compete with Bai Yi.

He didn’t expect that now, even Bai Yi’s adopted son would also come to bully his son!

If Bai Yi didn’t die, he would really be indignant!

General Song’s gaze was sinister.

Bai Yi and Ye Siming, just you guys wait!

In the garden of the Grace Defender Duke Manor.

It was the transition season from late spring to early summer. Many flowers in the garden had bloomed and were swaying with the wind.

They came in varying colors and swayed gently with the wind.

Gu Nuo’er was wearing a spring-sleeved blue dress and running back and forth among the flowers.

“Little butterfly~ Don’t run~” The child’s voice was soft.

She was chasing after a fluttering yellow butterfly. After saying this, the butterfly seemed to understand her.

It turned around and flew around Gu Nuo’er.

In the end, Gu Nuo’er plucked a peach blossom and the yellow butterfly landed on the petal.

The child carefully protected the flower, afraid that she would scare the butterfly away.

She walked to a pavilion at the side.

“Grandmother, here, I’ll give both the flower and the little butterfly to you~”

Old Madam Qiao was originally feeling troubled because Noble Consort Qiao had been in the palace for so long and hadn’t returned.

She was really worried.

However, looking at her granddaughter’s innocent and sweet smile, she couldn’t help but purse her lips and smile gently.

Gu Nuo’er had been bobbing around. Her small face was like a red apple now, dyed in a rosy glow.

Coupled with her bright black eyes and the mole under her eye, which happened to be on her cheek, she looked mischievous and smart, like a little fairy among flowers.

“Nuo’er, are you tired?” Old Madam Qiao wiped Gu Nuo’er’s small hands with a handkerchief.

The child didn’t forget to protect the flower and the little butterfly.

Her voice was soft. “I’m not tired! Nuo’er is waiting for Mother to come back. When Mother comes back, Nuo’er wants Elder Sister Wanxuan to make peach blossom cakes for us to eat together.”

Old Madam Qiao’s eyes were a little sad.

Nuo’er probably still didn’t know what had happened.

Noble Consort Qiao returned to the palace to explain about the dragon robe. Old Madam Qiao wondered what the emperor would think.

Even though Old Madam Qiao’s disappointed expression flashed past, Gu Nuo’er easily caught it.

The child blinked her big bright eyes and asked softly, “Grandmother, are you worried about Mother?”

Old Madam Qiao was stunned.

She thought that the child didn’t know anything, but didn’t expect that she could tell.

Old Madam Qiao smiled and sighed. “Nuo’er, regardless of whether your mother can come back or not, you have to grow up well. Grandmother and your grandfather will do their best to protect you.”

Gu Nuo’er pouted, tilted her head, and blinked, looking obedient. “Grandmother, don’t worry! Mother will be back soon!”