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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 334 - 334 Why Did the Qiao Family Take All the Good Things?

334 Why Did the Qiao Family Take All the Good Things?

General Song’s expression was ugly and his lips moved. “Your Majesty, this subject…”

Gu Yihan waved his hand and waved his dragon sleeve, throwing out a memorial that General Song had worked through the night to write and then submit. He wrote in the memorial to impeach Bai Yi for not having done his job well.

With a soft clang, the memorial fell to the ground in front of General Song.

Gu Yihan’s tone was cold. “As you said, your son, Song Qiyuan, is seriously injured. Yet, last night, you were still in the mood to prepare a 100-word complaint memorial to submit to me.

“Song Quan, in my daughter’s words, you have such a big face. I’m sure General Bai isn’t lying. If he didn’t bring Song Qiyuan along with him on this trip, would there be such complications?

“Not only do I know what the truth is, but I also know what the two of you are planning. I’d advise you not to court death rashly. On the account that you’ve also established military merits, I can let bygones be bygones this time. If this happens again, I won’t let you off easily.

“Moreover, before I could interrogate Bian Yuanzhong carefully, he was killed by you. Your ability to make decisions for me has become increasingly amazing, Song Quan.”

The emperor’s words were extremely heavy, and General Song’s face turned even paler.

He lowered his head guiltily and said that he didn’t dare to. Then, he returned to stand in line with the other military officials.

Gu Yihan’s gaze was deep, making it impossible to guess what he was thinking, but it was enough to make General Song shiver.

If he hadn’t killed Bian Yuanzhong in time just now, this person would probably have confessed everything in extreme fear!

It was more important to protect his own life.

General Song adjusted his flustered emotions and let out a deep breath.

On the other hand, after Gu Yihan praised Ye Siming a few times, he brought up another matter.

“The Duke has returned to the capital recently. I’m going to hold a banquet in the palace’s Wanchun Garden to welcome him. The time will be set to be on the day after tomorrow. My beloved subjects, you must come.”

Grace Defender Duke Qiao Renshan was Noble Consort Qiao’s biological father. Not to mention how much Noble Consort Qiao was very doted on now.

For example, although the Grace Defender Duke was a little old, his name was still a resounding deterrent in the borders.

They had never lost in any battles led by the Grace Defender Duke.

His military skills were godlike and he was called an invincible general by the citizens of Great Qi.

Now, just because he had returned to the capital, the emperor was going to organize a banquet to welcome Grace Defender Duke back.

It was impossible for the officials not to be envious.

Why did the Qiao Family take all the good things?

After the morning court assembly ended, General Song returned to his residence.

Song Qiyuan was seriously injured, but fortunately, they were all superficial wounds and did not hurt his bones or muscles.

He had a good body and could already get out of bed and walk today.

Seeing that General Song had returned, he quickly went forward and asked, “Father! How was it? Did the emperor severely punish General Bai and Ye Siming?”

General Song’s expression was abnormally bad. “Punishment? Heh, I think the emperor really wants to praise Bai Yi and his adopted son to the heavens! Not only did they not receive any punishment, but Ye Siming was also said to have contributed to the suppression of the bandits and was conferred the title of Marquis Yongye!”

Song Qiyuan trembled.

Ye Siming snatched the credit again? Was Ye Siming his nemesis?!

If not for Ye Siming, this title of Marquis Yongye would definitely be his!

Song Qiyuan gritted his teeth and muttered hatefully, “Father! It’s time for the things that the people we arranged to put in the Grace Defender Duke’s estate to be put to use.”

General Song looked at him coldly. “That thing is useless now. Bian Yuanzhong, who was in charge of arranging for the hidden guards to make a move, came to court in those clothes today.”

“What?!” Song Qiyuan was shocked. “Did he get possessed?!”