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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 332 - 332 He Was Lying on the Ground, Beaten Up Till His Face Was Badly Bruised

332 He Was Lying on the Ground, Beaten Up Till His Face Was Badly Bruised

Gu Yihan looked down at the person crying in front of him.

“Why? Could it be that you want to tell me that someone framed you and helped you put on this dragon robe when you weren’t paying attention?”

He reached out and grabbed Bian Yuanzhong’s collar.

Gu Yihan smiled sinisterly. Bai Yi watched from the side and actually felt that sometimes, Ye Siming would also show a similar expression to His Majesty’s ruthless expression.

The emperor bent over and looked at Bian Yuanzhong’s collar.

“It’s very exquisitely made. Bian Yuanzhong, are you tired of living? Someone, bring a sword over!”

An imperial guard at the side quickly drew his sword and presented it to the emperor with both hands.

Bian Yuanzhong fell to the ground on his butt and hurriedly retreated.

“No… No, no, no! Your Majesty, please listen to this subject’s explanation! This subject really doesn’t know anything!”

Suddenly, he retreated to someone’s feet.

Bian Yuanzhong looked up and saw General Song staring at him indifferently.

His gaze was as if he was looking at an abandoned pawn in disgust.

Bian Yuanzhong quickly grabbed General Song’s robe. “General, you have to save me! This subject doesn’t want to die! This dragon robe really has nothing to do with this subject! It’s…”

Before he could finish speaking, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his neck.

Bian Yuanzhong widened his eyes and felt his blood gushing out, staining General Song’s clothes.

The sword that General Song had drawn from the waist of the imperial guard next to him was slowly dripping with thick blood.

General Song kicked Bian Yuanzhong to the ground. “You’ve committed treason and even dared to challenge His Majesty! Your death isn’t worth pitying!”

Before Bian Yuanzhong could explain, he fell to the ground in a daze.

Bright red blood dyed the white jade stone steps red.

General Song threw away the sword and cupped his hands, kneeling in front of Gu Yihan. “Your Majesty! This subject made a daring move to kill the traitor who was in front of you. This subject begs for your forgiveness for having been disrespectful!”

Gu Yihan stared at General Song with a deep gaze and didn’t say anything for a long time.

The emperor’s silence made everyone present feel an inexplicable oppressive aura.

Although General Song suppressed the fear in his heart, he was trembling slightly.

After a while, Gu Yihan smiled and raised his eyebrows. “Subject Song, you killed so quickly that even I was surprised. Someone, drag this Bian Yuanzhong’s corpse out and feed it to the dogs. Subjects, let’s start the court assembly.”

He led the way and the officials followed behind.

Other than General Song, no one else took another look at Bian Yuanzhong’s corpse.

After entering the main hall, Gu Yihan sat upright on the dragon throne.

He asked Bai Yi first, “I’ve already heard that you guys wiped out the mountain bandits and emerged victorious. Since General Bai is seriously injured, why don’t you rest for a few days before entering the palace?”

Bai Yi’s firm chin moved. He stepped out of the line and cupped his hands. “Your Majesty, this subject led the soldiers to suppress the bandits on this operation. However, due to a moment of carelessness, the soldiers were severely injured. Your Majesty, please punish me.”

Before Gu Yihan could say anything, General Song also cupped his hands together, having something to report.

Gu Yihan raised his eyebrows. “Subject Song, what’s the matter?”

“Your Majesty, General Bai made a serious mistake this time and almost caused the entire army to be wiped out. This subject personally thinks that Your Majesty should severely punish him and reorganize the morale of the army to prevent everyone from being like General Bai, underestimating the enemy!

“If it wasn’t for this subject’s son leading the troops to provide support, General Bai and the hundreds of soldiers would probably have been wiped out by mere mountain bandits!”

Gu Yihan leaned back slightly on the throne. His eyes were deep, making it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

Suddenly, a cold mocking voice sounded in the hall—

“Song Qiyuan led troops to provide support? You mean when he was lying on the ground and was beaten up till his face was badly bruised?”