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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 326 - 326 Just Wait and See, Baby Nuo Isn't Too Weak Either!

326 Just Wait and See, Baby Nuo Isn’t Too Weak Either!

Next to the tent was the arena where the soldiers usually used to spar for fun.

Ye Siming carried Gu Nuo’er and had nowhere to go, so he simply placed her to sit down on the arena.

This time, he would only be able to see the child’s round and fair face when he looked up slightly.

Gu Nuo’er was still thinking about what Ye Siming had said just now.

Her eyelashes were lowered and her eyes were sparkling like stars.

“Elder Brother Siming, so you first went to beat the bad mountain bandits until they cried, then went back to save Uncle Bai Yi?”

Ye Siming crossed his arms and leaned against the arena, sniffing the sweet fragrance on the child’s body. He raised his eyebrows noncommittally.

Gu Nuo’er said with her pink lips, “Wow, you’re so amazing. The uncles are all so seriously injured, but you’re fine!”

Ye Siming pondered for a moment and suddenly raised his right hand.

“Actually, I still got injured.”

Gu Nuo’er was shocked and quickly held his hand with her two small fair hands to check.

“Where, where?!”

Ye Siming pursed his thin lips as if he wanted to smile, but he suppressed the smile that had just curled up.

He coughed lightly and said in a deep voice, “Blow on it for a while. It might get better then.”

However, Gu Nuo’er tilted her head and didn’t see where the wound on his right hand was.

In the end, under the child’s perseverance, she finally found it!

There was a very shallow and inconspicuous small cut on the side of his palm.

It seemed to have a scratch from something.

It was more like he had been scraped by a branch!

A hint of confusion appeared on the child’s pink face. “Elder Brother Siming, is this considered an injury?”

Only those who were covered in blood like Uncle Bai Yi were considered injured!

Ye Siming’s eyes were black like they were condensed glows from unsheathed sharp blades.

His voice was cold. “It’s considered an injury because it hurts.”

Gu Nuo’er blinked.

The child was convinced by Ye Siming.

If it hurt, she had to blow on it!

She held Ye Siming’s hand and blew at it with her small mouth. Her serious head swayed and her fluffy stray hair drooped mischievously on her forehead.

It added a hint of cuteness and playfulness to Gu Nuo’er.

Ye Siming smiled elegantly.

This was a scratch from a branch when he was picking fruits. Later on, when he fought the mountain bandits, he was indeed not injured at all.

Ye Siming reached out his finger to wipe the dust off Gu Nuo’er’s nose. His movements were very light and slow as if he was afraid of hurting a small figure that was made of white tofu.

Even so, the child still covered her nose and snorted aggrievedly.

Gu Nuo’er was delicate, to begin with. After the collision today, the tip of her nose still hurt a little!

Ye Siming frowned, his eyes filled with heartache. “What on earth did you go to do? Dig a hole?”

The child looked around, covered her mouth with her small hand, and whispered, “I discovered a shocking secret when staying at Grandpa’s house!”

Then, Gu Nuo’er whispered to Ye Siming about her discovery of the dragon robe.

She placed her hands on her hips proudly. “There must be baddies who want to bully Grandpa or Mother. Baby Nuo is going to pull them out and beat them up!”

Gu Nuo’er waved her small fist, but Ye Siming wrapped it up and squeezed it in his palm.

He frowned and said in a deep voice, “You don’t have to do it. I’ll do it when the time comes.”

“No! Elder Brother Siming, I want to teach this baddie a lesson myself. Hmph, just wait and see. Baby Nuo isn’t weak either!”

At night, Bai Yi slowly woke up in the tent.

His throat was dry and burning as he called out softly, “Water…”

Madam Bai was lying on him and had fallen asleep. When she heard this, she quickly sat up.

“Husband, you’re awake? Do you want to drink water? Hold on.”

She helped Bai Yi drink a cup of water. Bai Yi’s eyes were tired and bloodshot. “Where’s Siming?”