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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 322 - 322 My Left Hand Isn't Stained With Blood, And Can Carry You

322 My Left Hand Isn’t Stained With Blood, And Can Carry You

Qiao Xiuli reached out his hands, wanting to grab Gu Nuo’er.

Unexpectedly, the child was agile as a bird, running out of the long corridor in the blink of an eye.

She said in a childish voice, “Grandpa, Grandma, Mother, Brother, I’ll come back after taking a look!”

Elder Brother Siming was injured? Wasn’t he a wolf?

Could it be that those mountain bandits were too fierce?

Noble Consort Qiao walked out and saw that her daughter had already run around the corner.

She pursed her red lips and shouted sternly, “Zhang Sui, quickly follow the princess!”

The hidden guard who was hidden somewhere immediately appeared. After receiving the order, he tapped his foot and flew over the roof with his Qinggong, following Gu Nuo’er.

The child ran for a long time and was so tired that she was panting.

“Phew, the road to the city gate is too long!”

She was still young and there were passersby around her, so she couldn’t form a seal and fly over.

Just as Gu Nuo’er was fretting, Zhang Sui asked softly from behind, “Princess, do you need help? This subordinate can send you over.”

The child turned around, her eyes seeming to have lit up with stars.

“Elder Brother Zhang Sui~ Hurry up~”

She reached out her small hands and gestured for Zhang Sui to carry her and fly over.

However, Zhang Sui was worried about offending the princess and only dared to grab her shoulders gently with both hands.

Then, Gu Nuo’er felt that there was nothing under her feet. Zhang Sui used his Qinggong and advanced steadily and quickly.

Not long later, they arrived at the street near the city gate.

However, the place was congested with citizens!

Some of the commoners were crying, while others were whispering and discussing amongst themselves—

“Boohoo, General Bai is so seriously injured. These damned mountain bandits!”

“So many people are injured. Did the soldiers underestimate the enemy too much?”

“Oh my, they are so badly injured. I can’t bear to watch anymore.”

When Gu Nuo’er heard this, a hint of anxiety appeared on her round and fair face.

She tiptoed and jumped, but she still couldn’t see anything.

The child looked at Zhang Sui for help. Zhang Sui understood and scolded the crowd in front, “The princess has arrived. Pedestrians, move aside!”

He had strong internal energy. With a shout, the commoners in front of him consciously turned their heads and parted to form a path.

Gu Nuo’er took the opportunity to squeeze out of the crowd.

However, when the child saw the scene in front of her, she was also stunned.

Although Ye Siming’s clothes were not damaged, his cheeks were stained with blood.

His black eyes which were like sharp blades were condensed with a hint of indifference and relaxation after killing. There was also a hint of fatigue.

He looked more like a sluggish and arrogant youth.

He held a sword in his left hand and was carrying the unconscious General Bai Yi over his shoulder with his right.

There was blood on Bai Yi’s body, dripping down from his fingertips.

Behind Ye Siming were dozens of carts pulled by horses.

The injured soldiers on the carts were panting in pain.

Song Qiyuan’s face was covered in blood as he lay unconscious on the soldiers.

However, other than the soldiers, the rest were all bandits who were tied up.

Some were dead, some were still breathing. However, those who were still alive were seriously injured and looked delirious.

Of so many people, only Ye Siming was standing.

He carried Bai Yi and seemed to be exhausted. His footsteps were very slow.

The path they had taken from entering the city gate to where they were now had blood dripping on it.

“Elder Brother Siming!” Gu Nuo’er stopped in front of him in a daze and raised her small hands uneasily as if she wanted to pounce over and hug him. However, she didn’t know if this would make him fall.

When Ye Siming saw that Gu Nuo’er had arrived, he finally revealed an unruly smile on his cold and disdainful face.

“Gu Nuo’er, come over here. My left hand isn’t stained with blood and can carry you.”