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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 33

Chapter 33: This Is Second Brother and Baby Nuo’s Little Secret

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Gu Nuo’er nodded her small head, the tassels on her bun hairstyle shaking.

“Don’t worry, Second Brother. Baby Nuo didn’t tell anyone about it, not even Mother! This is Second Brother and Baby Nuo’s little secret.”

Gu Zitang was very satisfied. He brought Gu Zitang out of the cold palace and washed his hands in the pond.

He then said, “Nuo’er, today, Second Brother will bring you out of the palace to play. I’ll also teach you how to turn small money into big money.”

Gu Nuo’er opened her eyes wide, feeling very curious. “Small money grows into big money?”

Gu Zitang laughed, “The meaning is about there. Come, I’ll go show you things.”

The child swayed her head happily, her small body hopping next to Gu Zitang.

As Noble Consort Qiao expected, the moment the second prince’s horse carriage left the palace, over ten hidden guards followed after him on horses.

They were all equipped with metal treasured sabers at their waists that could cut through iron like mud. If any villains came to attack, they would immediately die an unnatural death.

Gu Zitang brought Gu Nuo’er to a street that was extraordinarily lively and had lots of people passing through it.

This wasn’t the first time Gu Nuo’er left the palace, but she had never gotten the chance to take a good look in the past.

She was now leaning against the carriage’s window, looking out, finding everything novel and interesting!

There was a dazzling array of stalls on the streets. There were all kinds of sugar figurines, dolls, and rattle drums.

There was even a performer walking on a thread with a large vat on his head, surrounded by spectators.

Gu Nuo’er clapped her small hands. “It’s so lively!”

When Gu Zitang saw his sister’s happy expression, he chuckled, his peach blossom eyes looking extremely charming.

“Baby Nuo, don’t be anxious. There will be more fun later.”

The second prince got someone to stop the carriage at the front of the street and carried Gu Nuo’er to the entrance.

He was dressed in extravagant clothes and the child in his arms also had an extremely beautiful and delicate face.

Therefore, the siblings immediately attracted a lot of attention from the passersby.

Gu Zitang looked around and his gaze stopped at a stall on the opposite side that sold ‘coltsfoot flowers.’

Coltsfoot flowers were a type of flower that bloomed in winter. Its fruit could be used in medicine and also made into pastries. They had a light fragrance and were sweet but not sickeningly so.

It was a commonly seen item.

Gu Zitang walked over and asked the stall owner, “Are these all the coltsfoot flowers you have?”

The stall owner immediately rubbed his hands together and stood up, replying while smiling, “That’s right, customer. Would you like to have some?”

Gu Zitang squatted down and ruffled the coltsfoot flowers a little with his long and slender hand that was wearing a jade ring.

He said, “Seems like they aren’t that fresh anymore.”

The stall owner quickly said, “That’s not true. These are just picked from the mountains this morning! Young Master, you might not be aware of this.

“This type of winter flower would lose its color after one night and the flower would wither. I always pick them on the day itself.”

Gu Zitang’s lips curled up to an unnoticeable degree, suppressing a hint of a smile.

He didn’t say anything but just looked as if he was thinking.

The stall owner said, “How about this, I’ll sell them to you for cheaper, five taels per 500 grams. Would that be alright?”

Gu Zitang quickly took out the money and paid the bill. He pointed at the flowers in the stall and said, “I want all of them. Calculate how much they cost.

“If you have more, I’ll take however much you have. Someone in my family likes them and we’re in a hurry to buy more.”

The stall owner opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

The price of five taels per 500 grams was a slightly steeper price than what he usually offered.

It was because this young master looked like someone from a wealthy family!

Unexpectedly, not only was he rich, but he was also straightforward in paying!

Oh, this was the God of Wealth! He was going to be rich today.

The stall owner smiled until his eyes almost couldn’t be seen anymore. As he collected the money, he helped Gu Zitang wrap up all the coltsfoot flowers.

Gu Zitang asked, “Do you know of any others in the vicinity who sell coltsfoot flowers as well?”