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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 319 - 319 Grandpa, Can You Play Hide and Seek With Nuo'er?

319 Grandpa, Can You Play Hide and Seek With Nuo’er?

Seeing this, Qu Niang also took her leave.

On the way to the Grace Defender Duke’s courtyard, Gu Nuo’er slowed down and pondered as she walked.

Wanxuan sighed in surprise beside her. “Could it be a thief? The Old Master and the others have been out for more than three years, but this is the first time I’ve heard that a thief has broken in! However, I didn’t hear from the butler reporting any lost items to Her Highness.”

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand. Her voice was soft, but it carried a hint of calmness.

“It can’t be thieves. Elder Sister Wanxuan, do you still remember? In the past, when beggars passed by Grandpa’s door, they were so frightened that they wanted to leave quickly. This was because they all said that Grandpa’s daughter, my mother, had a fiery temper.

“They were afraid that someone would complain to Mother and that she’d misunderstand them for wanting to steal something just because they were passing by. There were even rumors that people could steal Father’s gold, but they must not touch a single stone from Noble Consort Qiao. This is because Mother would teach those people a lesson.

“Therefore, ordinary thieves won’t come to Grandpa’s residence to cause trouble. Grandpa has a reputation as the Grace Defender Duke, and Mother has a fearsome reputation. Why would ordinary thieves come to court deaths?”

The more the child analyzed, the more serious her expression became.

“Moreover, Grandpa had brought Uncle and the others out of the capital for close to three years. Why hadn’t something like this happened before, but yet it took place half a month before Grandpa was coming back?”

Wanxuan felt that she didn’t have enough heads to figure things out.

She frowned and thought hard. “This…”

“Moreover, if Auntie Qu isn’t wrong, she said that that person was carrying something in his arms. What kind of thief would place the things they brought at the house of the person they were going to steal from?!”

“Could they have hidden the things they had stolen from somewhere else in Old Master’s courtyard?”

After Wanxuan finished speaking, she felt that it wasn’t realistic.

If the thief wanted to steal something, why hide it at the owner’s house?

Wouldn’t that be like taking off his pants and farting? Completely unnecessary!

She coughed lightly. “This servant’s intelligence is really limited. Princess, you can ask Her Highness later.”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head, her pink cheeks swaying as she shook. Her skin was fair and her eyes were black. “I won’t tell Mother about this first. Baby Nuo will go and see Grandpa first.”

When they arrived at the Grace Defender Duke’s courtyard, the maidservant who was serving the two old men was standing in the corridor.

Gu Nuo’er called out sweetly, “Elder Sister Qiaorong~ What are Grandpa and Grandma doing?!”

When Qiaorong saw that the little princess was here, she smiled and went forward.

“Your Highness, Old Master and Old Madam have just woken up from their afternoon nap. You came at the right time.”

She lifted the curtain for Gu Nuo’er. The child crossed the threshold and had one of her small feet still stepping outside. She called out sweetly, “Grandpa—! Baby Nuo is here!”

The Grace Defender Duke quickly put down his teacup and quickly walked out from the other side of the screen. He grinned as he walked over, then carried Gu Nuo’er.

“Why isn’t Grandpa’s good Nuo’er taking an afternoon nap?”

Gu Nuo’er said softly, “I can’t sleep! I want to play with Grandpa. Grandpa, can you play hide and seek with Nuo’er?”

The Duke laughed heartily. “Why not? Come, let’s go to the garden. The place is bigger there.”

The child immediately twisted her body. “Let’s play in the house. Otherwise, Baby Nuo will be sad if Grandpa can’t find me.”

Her voice was soft as she spoke, but she didn’t forget to blink her big eyes coquettishly. Her black eyes were pure and clear.

The Duke was amused and immediately agreed.

Gu Nuo’er then called for Wanxuan, as well as Qiaorong who was outside, saying that it would be more fun if everyone played together.

Then, the Grace Defender Duke was tasked to be the one to search while the others started to hide.

The old madam smiled and sat on the couch. “Nuo’er, be careful and don’t bump your head.”