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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 315 - 315 The Little Princess Is Her Pillar

315 The Little Princess Is Her Pillar

Luo Sheng opened his mouth and was about to howl when he was pressed to the ground by the burly men.

Then, a smelly rag was stuffed into his mouth. Before he could react, he was knocked unconscious and dragged into the residence.

This series of actions was very fast. Before anyone could see or hear anything, Luo Sheng was pulled in.

His fantasizing about causing a scene and attracting the attention of others didn’t exist at all.


A basin of cold water was poured over his head. Luo Sheng trembled a little and slowly woke up.

The light in front of him was dim, but he could faintly see things clearly.

This was a small room. There was a huge screen on the left that divided the room into two.

Luo Sheng’s gaze went from muddled to sober. He saw two fierce-looking burly men standing in front of him, each holding a thick rod!

More importantly, he was tied tightly to a chair!

He was shocked and shouted, “Who are you guys?! What do you want?!”

The two burly men had fierce expressions like two door gods.

They didn’t answer his question and just stared at him fiercely.

Behind the screen, Gu Nuo’er was sitting obediently on Qiao Xiuli’s knee.

She swayed her small feet and had a candy in her mouth, her eyes round and bright.

Gu Nuo’er looked at Qu Niang, who was beside her, and said in a soft voice, “Auntie, as long as you teach him a lesson according to the method I taught you just now, he definitely won’t dare to bully you like this in the future.”

Qu Niang was a little hesitant and rubbed her hands uneasily.

She was afraid of being beaten up. Each time she approached Luo Sheng, she would tremble.

“Princess, this servant…”

Gu Nuo’er’s small face turned serious. “Auntie, if you hesitate about doing this to him, you’ll definitely continue to get beaten up in the future. I can help you once, but how many times can I help you?

“Are you planning to continue to be bullied by him in the future when it’s at a place where I can’t see? Being benevolent to him is equivalent to being cruel to yourself! Gather your courage this time and teach him a lesson!”

The child’s eyes were now suffused with a black glow, like a flowing galaxy.

“You’re not even afraid of death, but you’re afraid of such an incompetent bad man?”

Qu Niang thought of how she had been bullied by Luo Sheng in the past. With the little princess’s encouragement, she took a deep breath.

She picked up the wrapped linen at the side and walked out from behind the screen.

Qiao Xiuli watched indifferently until Qu Niang left. Then, he smiled faintly and reached out to pat Gu Nuo’er’s small head.

“Nuo’er’s thoughts are clear, giving her pillar strength.”

Gu Nuo’er crossed her arms and nodded like an adult, her tone soft.

“Before this, when Elder Brother Siming and I were on the streets, we already bumped into Auntie Qu being beaten up by her husband on the streets.

“Elder Brother Siming went up and taught him a lesson. However, this bad person did not repent and even made an even more excessive request.

“This shows that he’s a scoundrel and shameless rascal who isn’t afraid of death at all! Mother said that when facing such a person who doesn’t care about his life, we have to keep him alive and think of ways to torture him! Only then would he be afraid of you.”

The child leisurely touched her black hair. “Brother can just watch with me if this method will work.”

At this moment, Luo Sheng, who was outside, saw Qu Niang walking out from behind the screen with a complicated expression.

He immediately shouted angrily, “Stupid woman, you were the one who sent someone to mess with me? Hurry up and untie me. Otherwise, see how I’ll kill you later!”

Veins popped out on Luo Sheng’s forehead, making him look terrifying.

Perhaps it was because of the confidence the princess had given her, but this time, Qu Niang didn’t show any fear.

Instead, his expression gradually turned cold as he stared fixedly at Luo Sheng.

The little princess was right. He wouldn’t repent at all unless he knew his mistake.