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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 314 - 314 Cause A Ruckus In the Grace Defender Duke Manor, And Make Her Lose Her Work!

314 Cause A Ruckus In the Grace Defender Duke Manor, And Make Her Lose Her Work!

Just as Ye Siming was deep in thought, his ears twitched slightly and he sensed a different rustling sound.

The youth’s gaze immediately turned cold, like a wolf creeping in the deep forest when it heard someone approaching.

His hand subconsciously touched the hilt of his sword and he said to Bai Yi in a deep voice, “There are people coming over. There’s a lot of them.”

Bai Yi was shocked. For some reason, he thought of the injured village woman who had left in a hurry.

He immediately turned around and instructed all the soldiers in a low voice.

“Be on guard. People with unknown identities are approaching.”

Ye Siming turned around and said coldly, “Wait here. I’ll go take a look in front.”

Bai Yi grabbed his hand and frowned. “No! At this moment, no one can act rashly. Wait for the scout to come back.”

Ye Siming raised his eyebrows slightly, revealing endless coldness.

“If the scout can come back, he would have done so long ago. It’ll take only time for two incense sticks to burn. How long has it been?

“Before this group of people approaches, I’ll figure out their background first. Hide here well. I’ll be back soon.”

As he spoke, he broke free from Bai Yi’s restraints and leaped, disappearing into the forest in the blink of an eye.

“Siming!” Bai Yi called out in surprise, but Ye Siming had already left.

Bai Yi could not abandon the soldiers and could only wait on the spot for the time being.

The rain was getting heavier.

A drunken figure holding a small jar of wine walked unsteadily along the street.

He was drenched and reeked of alcohol. The passersby avoided him as much as possible.

The drunkard wanted to enter a tea shop to avoid the rain, but before he could take a step in, he was pushed out by the waiter.

“Luo Sheng! Are you here to scam food and drinks again? Let me tell you, don’t even think about coming in today. Look at how dirty you are. Get out, get out!”

Luo Sheng let out a loud burp and staggered from the push.

He roared in dissatisfaction, “Who are you calling a scammer? I have money!”

Then, he lowered his head and searched his sleeves for a long time, but they were empty.

The money he had gotten from his wife, Qu Niang, had long been used up from drinking.

The waiter sneered. “Hurry up and leave!”

Luo Sheng was dissatisfied that he was looked down upon. He shouted, “Just wait! I’ll go back and ask that woman for money now! I’ll buy 10 to 20 pots of tea later. You can just wait to especially serve me and run until your legs break!”

As he spoke, he turned around and staggered into the rain.

The waiter clicked his tongue and shook his head. “He must have gone back to hit his wife again. Why didn’t the heavens strike such an evil person to death? Pfft!”

However, when Luo Sheng returned to his house, he did not see Qu Niang.

Only then did he remember that he had warned Mother Qu last time that she had to give him money. Otherwise, he would cause a ruckus in the Grace Defender Duke’s Estate and make her lose her job!

He didn’t expect this b*tch to hide from him for a few days and not come home!

Luo Sheng threw the wine jar and it shattered into pieces.

He said angrily, “This damned woman, do you really think that I don’t dare to cause trouble in the Grace Defender Duke Manor?”

Luo Shen pushed open the door abruptly and headed for the Grace Defender Duke Manor, reeking of alcohol.

He was going to make a huge fuss later!

If the Grace Defender Duke wanted to appease this matter, they would have to give him a sum of money!

The rain drizzled, causing the afternoon sky to become gloomy as if it was almost night.

Luo Sheng entered the alley heading to the Grace Defender Duke Manor and the doorman saw this drunk figure.

The little princess had already given instructions, and they had also seen Qu Niang’s drunk husband before.

Therefore, the doorman recognized at a glance that this was Luo Sheng.

He immediately turned around and entered the manor. Not long later, four to five burly guards followed the doorman out.