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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 313 - 313 He Wanted to Go Back Early to See the Little Thing

313 He Wanted to Go Back Early to See the Little Thing

Bai Yi looked at the injured villager woman who was hiding from the rain with them in the cave.

He frowned and called Song Qiyuan to the entrance of the cave.

Bai Yi lowered his voice and said, “Young Master Song, we’re going to enter the enemy’s lair next. If we bring her along, it’ll definitely be inconvenient.”

Song Qiyuan’s expression was also tense and his jaw moved. “The rain is too heavy. I originally wanted to leave her at the fork just now, but I didn’t expect the rain to suddenly come. Let’s bring her along for a while longer. Before we set off, I’ll send her away.”

Originally, Song Qiyuan didn’t want to be a busybody, but he was unwilling to admit defeat just like that.

Otherwise, it would be like lowering his head to Ye Siming.

Therefore, he gritted his teeth and brought the injured woman along for a while.

Bai Yi felt that this wasn’t appropriate, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

Firstly, Song Qiyuan was not his soldier, and secondly, he was not his son.

He didn’t want to be the one to discipline him.

However, Bai Yi was experienced on the battlefield and knew very well how much trouble such a soldier who didn’t have order and didn’t have a clear grasp of the situation would bring to the military camp.

Song Qiyuan had brought some soldiers with him. Bai Yi watched as they sat in groups of twos and threes, but they were very far away from Bai Yi and the others.

How was this coming on a mission to exterminate bandits? Song Qiyuan was clearly here to fight with Ye Siming for credit.

If they were not united, how could they eliminate the bandits?

After thinking about it again and again, Bai Yi said to Song Qiyuan, “Let her leave by herself since the rain is a little lighter now. When the scouts come back, we’ll be taking action. We mustn’t alert the enemy over such an unrelated person.”

Song Qiyuan wanted to refuse, but Bai Yi said firmly, “This is an order! Young Master Song, I hope you can carry it out.”

Song Qiyuan frowned.

As a general personally sent by the emperor, he had to listen to Bai Yi’s military orders.

Song Qiyuan hesitated for a while before saying a few words to the woman, asking her to leave early.

Unexpectedly, the injured woman was straightforward. She stood up and thanked Song Qiyuan before staggering away.

Bai Yi looked at the woman’s back and his expression darkened. He walked to Ye Siming’s side.

At this moment, the youth was sitting on a big rock near the entrance of the cave and slowly eating cloud fruits.

The cloud fruits were crispy, sweet, and juicy. The little thing would definitely like it.

At the thought of this, Ye Siming lowered his head and a cold smile appeared on his thin lips.

Bai Yi stopped in his tracks and hesitated.

Why was this child smiling foolishly? Were the cloud fruits so delicious?

Bai Yi still walked forward and reminded in a low voice, “Siming, Song Qiyuan and his men aren’t reliable. If something happens, they’ll probably run faster than rabbits.

“Be careful and hold your sword well at all times to protect yourself. If necessary, listen to my orders and leave when you should.”

Ye Siming looked up at him.

The youth’s pitch-black eyes were like a deep sea, hiding danger.

He sat there, looking righteous, and was wearing night-movement clothes. He looked like he was the abyss itself.

At this moment, Bai Yi had an illusion.

It was as if what these people should be afraid of was not the mountain bandits who killed people like flies, but the cold-looking youth in front of them.

Ye Siming stopped smiling and his eyes regained their coldness.

He tied the bag of cloud fruits around his waist and said calmly, “You don’t have to worry about me. Just take good care of yourself.”

Ye Siming calculated that it had been two days since they came out. At this speed, they had yet to reach the mountain bandits’ lair.

He twisted his sleeves impatiently.

He began to consider if he should let Bai Yi and the others stay here while he went to eliminate the mountain bandits alone.

This way, he might be able to save two days and go back to see the little thing earlier.