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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 308 - 308 Aunt, What Troubles Do You Have to Want to Jump into the Lake?!

308 Aunt, What Troubles Do You Have to Want to Jump into the Lake?!

The child had excellent hearing.

However, it was rare for her to wake up from her sleep like this.

This was unless someone nearby had the intention to harm others or themselves. Moreover, their desire to do so must be very strong.

The child would then notice it.

These sad cries became louder and louder.

Gu Nuo’er couldn’t ignore it. She opened her black eyes and listened carefully to the sad sobs.

The child sat up from the bed. Noble Consort Qiao, who was beside her, was sleeping soundly.

Gu Nuo’er tiptoed over and hurriedly stepped into her shoes.

Then, she focused slightly and her small body immediately disappeared into thin air.

When they reached the long corridor outside, Gu Nuo’er realized that it was already late at night.

The moonlight was also half-hidden in the clouds.

The child tiptoed out of the courtyard, avoiding the patrolling guards, and looked in the direction of the cries.

She passed through the courtyard and arrived at the most remote and quiet place in the manor.

Gu Nuo’er liked this place very much because the lake in the Grace Defender Duke Manor was located here.

Back then, when the late emperor bestowed a residence to the Grace Defender Duke, he especially gave this manor with excellent fengshui to him.


This lake was sparkling in the day. There were also small fish and prawns crowding around the edges of the lake, waiting to be fed.

At night, other than the bright moonlight, one could also see the surrounding pavilions and buildings.

However, Gu Nuo’er’s maternal grandfather only had two children, Qiao Zijin and Noble Consort Qiao.

Noble Consort Qiao didn’t usually stay in the manor, so there were naturally a few empty rooms in the huge manor.

The buildings near the lake were dark because no one lived there.

Gu Nuo’er blinked and saw a figure standing by the lake.

The crying came from her.

Gu Nuo’er slowly approached and saw that it was a woman in her thirties wiping her tears at the lake.

She had probably been crying for a long time. At this moment, she seemed to have made up her mind and stepped into the edge of the lake.

Although the lake in early spring was not bone-piercingly cold, it was still cold!

The woman first shivered. Before she could continue walking, a childish voice sounded from behind.

“Auntie, don’t take things too hard!”

The woman was shocked and turned around. A fair and tender child with shoulder-length black hair fluttering ran quickly towards her.

The child had exquisite eyebrows and fair skin.

The woman was stunned for a moment.

Could it be that the heavens saw that she was having a tough time and sent a heavenly maiden to save her?

Before she could react, Gu Nuo’er grabbed her wrist tightly and pulled her back.

“Auntie, what difficulties do you have to want to jump into the lake?! This is not right!”

When the woman came back to her senses, she recognized the child.

The fair girl in front of her was not a fair maiden from the Nine Heavens.

Instead, she was the emperor’s only beloved daughter, who was even more honorable than a fairy! She was also the beloved granddaughter of their master, the Grace Defender Duke!

The woman was shocked and quickly knelt. “Princess, please accept this servant’s bow.”

Gu Nuo’er frowned slightly. “Auntie, get up! The lake water is so cold and you’ll get sick! Why are you trying to jump into the lake?!”

After saying that, she placed her hands on her hips like a little adult.

“Don’t say that you went down to catch fish. I’m not a child and I won’t believe you!”

The woman was persuaded by Gu Nuo’er to come up, but she fell and sat by the lake.

Her face was filled with bitterness as if she had something indescribably sad to say.

In the end, her tears fell like a string of broken beads.

Under the bright moonlight, Gu Nuo’er saw clearly…

There were bruises and wounds on her face and neck!