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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 306 - 306 Lost to Ye Siming Once, But There Wasn't Going to Be A Second Time

306 Lost to Ye Siming Once, But There Wasn’t Going to Be A Second Time

Ever since Song Qiyuan could remember things, all he could hear was praise.

He was extremely talented and very few people dared to criticize him in public as Ye Siming did.

Song Qiyuan gritted his teeth, feeling indignant.

“Young Master Ye, why are you so rude? This woman is so injured. Are you saying that she did it on purpose?”

The subordinate next to Song Qiyuan spoke up for him. “That’s right. Who would harm themselves to this extent? That wound is bleeding so much! It doesn’t look fake.”

Ye Siming sneered, his gaze was cold.

“I think you guys are too young and don’t know that many people in this world are cunning and ruthless. If they dare to hurt themselves, they must have a bigger motive.”

After saying that, his cold gaze swept across the woman leaning against the tree.

The woman quickly lowered her head and stroked her injured ankle, hissing in pain.

Ye Siming sneered with disdain.

Small tricks.

He picked up the bag of things he had picked from the forest.

He said coldly, “I’ve already reminded you. It’s up to you whether you want to listen or not.”

After saying that, he walked forward alone.

Bai Yi frowned and looked at him, then at Song Qiyuan.

He felt that what Ye Siming said made sense.

Bai Yi went forward and said to Song Qiyuan, “Young Master Song, I’m sure you know that our mission is to enter the mountains. If we bring her along, how will we go about with our operation?”

Song Qiyuan calmed down a little when facing Bai Yi.

“This auntie said that we can leave her at the intersection of the mountain in front. She can go home by herself.”

Bai Yi had been on the battlefield for many years and had already sensed the strangeness of this matter.

However, he looked at the woman over there and decided not to alert her yet.

After all, Song Qiyuan was a little conceited. If he were to forcefully give an order now, it would cause internal strife.

His mission was to eliminate the mountain bandits.

Moreover, he had an even greater obligation to bring everyone back safely.

Bai Yi waved his hand and called for everyone to get up and continue on their way.

At this moment, Ye Siming had already walked a little further away by himself.

He walked on the mountain path as if he was walking on flat ground. His figure was stable and his footsteps were fast.

Most importantly, he seemed to be able to see everything clearly at night.

Song Qiyuan thought to himself, could it be that he really had some shocking talent?

Song Qiyuan’s subordinate beside him muttered softly to him, “This Young Master Ye is too arrogant. He even said that we’re young even though he is clearly younger than you! His tone is really haughty.”

Song Qiyuan pursed his lips and said, “Leave him be. Pack up the things. You and Little Five will take turns carrying that auntie.”

No matter how proud Ye Siming was,

He was definitely going to do a better job than Ye Siming in this bandit suppression mission!

At that time, be it the emperor or the officials in the imperial court, they would all know that he was the worthy candidate for Young Master Bai Ze.

He had lost to Ye Siming once, but there wasn’t going to be a second time!

At this moment, Bai Yi quickly caught up to Ye Siming.

He asked in a relaxed tone, “You went into the mountains for so long. What did you go off to do?”

The bag in Ye Siming’s hand looked heavy.

“Picking fruits.” The boy didn’t hide anything.

Bai Yi was stunned. “Are you afraid that we won’t have enough dried rations to eat?”

Ye Siming shook his head. “I picked them for Gu Nuo’er. Have you eaten the cloud fruits in the deep mountains? They’re red and sweet. She’ll definitely like them.”

When Bai Yi heard this, he was stunned for a long time.

Good lord, so the reason he had gone off for so long was to pick fruits for the princess?!

Cloud fruit trees grew in the deep mountains and old forests, so there weren’t many of their fruits put up for sale in the market.

Ye Siming must have brought back a lot for the princess?!

They were here to suppress bandits, but why did Ye Siming look like he was here to play?!