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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 305 - 305 Song Qiyuan, Use Your Brain

305 Song Qiyuan, Use Your Brain

At this moment, in the mountainous forest far away from the capital.

It was almost night time and the golden sun had just sunk to the other side of the mountain.

There was still the afterglow of the setting sun in the sky.

It was like a ball of seething fire with only a few sparks left, burning out and turning into a stretch of deep blue color in the sky.

The moon had already quietly risen, scattering a faint brightness on the mountain, making it look even whiter.

Bai Yi had been ordered to come out to eliminate the bandits. Not only did he bring Ye Siming, but he also brought along General Song’s son, Song Qiyuan.

Bai Yi looked at how Song Qiyuan was taking care of an injured woman who had just been brought back.

He frowned and wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t.

Song Qiyuan asked his two subordinates to bandage the injury on this woman’s leg.

He turned around and asked Bai Yi, “General Bai, we’ve been here for an hour. May I ask when Young Master Ye will be back?”

An hour ago, Ye Siming, who had not said a word and had a cold expression, suddenly said to Bai Yi—

“I’m going to the forest ahead. You guys go ahead first. You don’t have to wait for me. I’ll catch up to you in a while.”

After saying that, he ignored Bai Yi’s advice and entered the depths of the dark forest alone.

Bai Yi was worried about him and was even more worried that he would get lost in the mountains.

Therefore, he had the accompanying soldiers rest on the spot and wait for Ye Siming to return.

During this period, Song Qiyuan went to the front to look for a water source and even saved a woman who had been injured by a beast trap.

However, an hour had passed, but Ye Siming still hadn’t returned.

Bai Yi looked at the sky.

The terrain in the deep mountains here was complicated. If it was a little darker, it would probably be difficult for them to advance.

The mountain bandits were cunning. If they saw the light of the torches, it might alert them and they would hide in advance.

Bai Yi thought about it carefully and said, “Let’s wait for the time it takes to burn half an incense. If he still isn’t back by then, we’ll set off first.”

When the time came, he would make arrangements for the soldiers first before coming back to look for Ye Siming.

However, not long after he finished speaking, Ye Siming returned with a bag of things.

Everyone looked at him in surprise.

Ye Siming’s expression was indifferent. He looked at Bai Yi. “Didn’t I tell you guys to leave first and not to wait for me?”

Before Bai Yi could say anything, Song Qiyuan walked up to him.

“Young Master Ye, do you know how dangerous it is to move alone in the mountains? The army emphasizes unity. When you’re not around, everyone is worried about your safety. Don’t be so willful to take such risks in the future!”

Ye Siming glanced at him like a sharp weapon with a dark glow.

“I said that there’s no need to wait for me. You guys can go first.”

His cold gaze swept across the woman who was resting against the tree trunk.

Ye Siming frowned. “Where did this person come from?”

Song Qiyuan’s subordinate said, “Our young master saved her. She accidentally stepped on a beast trap and injured her ankle.”

Ye Siming stared at the woman coldly. Her ankle had just been wrapped in a white cloth, but blood had still seeped out.

The youth’s eyes were arrogant, carrying an undisguised deepness and danger.

“We can’t bring her along. Leave her here.”

Song Qiyuan was shocked and then said angrily, “Why? Do you know that there’s nothing here in the wilderness? If we leave her here, she’ll be eaten by wild beasts!”

Ye Siming sneered. “You’re also aware that there’s nothing here in the wilderness. Then how did a weak woman like her walk to this place alone and get injured?

“You have to understand that this is a deep forest. Even experienced hunters would get lost. Who would place beast traps in such a place? Song Qiyuan, use your brain.”