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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 304 - 304 I'm Giving You A Flower As A Token of My Feelings

304 I’m Giving You A Flower As A Token of My Feelings

The wheelchair was pushed to the stall. Qiao Xiuli said to A’Zhong calmly, “Go buy one.”

“No, buy two! One each for Brother and I.”

Qiao Xiuli smiled and nodded. “We’ll buy two then.”

Since Nuo’er was so young, any requests she made could be satisfied.

The sugar cake seller was an old uncle. He saw Gu Nuo’er sitting obediently on the youth’s lap.

Her big watery eyes were lively as if they could speak.

Her beautiful eyes looked seriously at the speed at which the syrup in the pot was boiling.

Her pink lips, which were like petals, pursed from time to time, as if she couldn’t wait to eat something sweet.

The uncle smiled kindly and said, “Little girl, you’re really good-looking. You look just like a doll.”

Gu Nuo’er looked up and smiled.

She said candidly, “Thank you, Uncle. Everyone in our family is good-looking! This is my older brother. He’s even prettier!”

Qiao Xiuli lowered his eyes and coughed lightly.

The stall owner glanced at Qiao Xiuli and saw that the youth looked cold and aloof, like a celestial.

“He looks good! Oh my, your family is really lucky to have given birth to two such beautiful children. Come, I’ve just made one. I’ll give it to you first. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the other one.”

Gu Nuo’er reached out her small hand and took the cloud cake.

Under the sunlight, the cloud cake that was wrapped in a layer of golden and translucent sugar coating looked very appetizing.

However, Gu Nuo’er twisted her small body and brought it to Qiao Xiuli’s mouth first.

“Brother, you eat first.”

Qiao Xiuli smiled faintly. “Nuo’er, go ahead and eat. I’m not hungry.”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head and said in a soft voice, “No, Brother has to eat it. Mother said that after eating something sweet, your mood will improve.

“When Brother came back this time, Nuo’er feels that Brother doesn’t like to laugh anymore. If Brother isn’t happy, Nuo’er won’t be either.”

Qiao Xiuli saw that Gu Nuo’er’s big black and white eyes were filled with worry.

He was stunned.

As an older brother, why did he make his five-year-old sister worry instead?

In order to reassure Gu Nuo’er, he took a bite of the cloud cake. The sweet but not greasy taste bloomed on the tip of his tongue.

He nodded and chuckled. “Nuo’er’s recommendation is not bad. It’s indeed delicious.”

Qiao Xiuli’s face was cold and handsome. As he didn’t like to smile, he exuded a cold arrogance that made people not dare to approach this gloomy youth.

However, when he smiled at this moment, he actually looked so dazzling.

His thin and tall facial features revealed an otherworldly coldness, but it also had a faint warmth that was like the mortal world’s secularity.

Gu Nuo’er opened her mouth and sighed from the bottom of her heart. “Wow, Brother looks really good when you smile!”

Qiao Xiuli’s eyelashes drooped as he was teased. A cold and faint smile appeared on his lips.

However, to the siblings’ surprise…

A young lady who had been standing by the side for a long time suddenly went up and sent over a peach blossom that had just been plucked from a tree by the roadside!

The young lady looked at Qiao Xiuli with a shy expression. “When I first saw you, I felt that you have the looks of a celestial and are very handsome. I’m giving you a flower as a token of my feelings.”

After saying that, she blushed as if she had been dyed by colorful clouds.

The young lady didn’t dare to wait for Qiao Xiuli’s reply. She turned around, covered her face, and ran away.

Qiao Xiu was stunned for a moment as if he couldn’t react to the situation.

Gu Nuo’er blinked, her round eyes sparkling. She covered her mouth with her small hand and said with a smile, “Brother, look. I told you that you look good when you smile! You even have older sisters falling for you at first sight!”

Qiao Xiuli pursed his lips, having a hint of an unnatural shy look.

He placed the peach blossom on the side of Gu Nuo’er’s hair, making the child’s delicate and cute face look even more exquisite.

“Let’s go home, Nuo’er.”