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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 303 - 303 If You Slander Nuo'er Again, Break Two of Your Fingers Yourself

303 If You Slander Nuo’er Again, Break Two of Your Fingers Yourself

In her eyes, not being able to walk wasn’t a flaw. Instead, unlike others, she actually felt that he could fly.

Yun Linzhou was very envious. He said to Gu Nuo’er, “Nuo’er, your cousin is too amazing. Can he also be my cousin in the future?”

The child immediately puffed up her cheeks and stood in front of Qiao Xiuli as if she was protecting her precious treasure.

“That won’t do, Linzhou! My cousin can only be mine! Go home and look for your brother!”

After saying that, the child was afraid that Yun Linzhou would pester her to ask Qiao Xiuli to be her cousin.

She waved her small hands and ran over, trying her best to push Qiao Xiuli away.

“Quick, Cousin, let’s run quickly. Linzhou wants to snatch you from me!”

Qiao Xiuli didn’t expect the child to be so strong that she managed to push him.

Wanxuan quickly followed after them. “Princess, be careful not to fall. Let this servant do it!”

Qiao Xiuli chuckled and scooped Gu Nuo’er up, placing her on his lap.

“I’m tired from playing. Let’s go home.”

Yun Linzhou’s voice sounded from behind. “Nuo’er, come and play with me when you have the chance. Don’t forget that we’re friends!”

Gu Nuo’er leaned on her brother’s shoulder and waved at him.

After Qiao Xiuli and Gu Nuo’er left.

Yun Linzhou’s dumbfounded expression turned into a gentle gaze.

He watched as Qiao Xiuli gradually walked into the light and shadows with Gu Nuo’er.

“Nuo’er is so good. She’s so smart even when consoling people. I like her very much,” Yun Linzhou muttered to himself.

The guard behind him went forward and subconsciously sighed. “The little princess is really smart. That young master from the Qiao family can’t walk, but the little princess treats him like a treasure.”

As soon as the guard finished speaking, he saw their prince turn around, his gentle eyes suddenly revealing a sharp glint.

It flickered with a bright coldness.

The guard knew that he had said something wrong and quickly knelt down to confess his mistake. “This subordinate has spoken too much. Your Highness, please punish me!”

Yun Linzhou lowered his eyes and said coldly, “I pretend to be crazy and stupid. Everyone in the world treats me as a fool. No one is willing to approach me. Only Nuo’er doesn’t mind and treats me as a normal person.

“In her eyes, it isn’t that Young Master Qiao’s injured legs aren’t a flaw. Instead, he is seen as being amazing in another way.

“She’s so smart. Do you think she doesn’t know what illness Young Master Qiao and I have? The reason why she treats us as ordinary people and doesn’t treat us differently is because of her kindness and respect. It’s not a reason for you guys to tease us.

“If I hear another word from you slandering Nuo’er, when we return to the residence, break two of your fingers yourself. I won’t keep you either.”

The guard bowed deeply. “Yes! This subordinate will definitely listen to His Highness’s teachings! I won’t dare to do it again.”

On the way home, Gu Nuo’er was attracted by the sweet fragrance of simmering sugar.

She waved her small hand and said in a spoiled tone, “Brother, Baby Nuo wants to eat candy.”

Qiao Xiuli smiled faintly and instructed the attendant, “A’Zhong, turn around and go to the street over there.”

A’Zhong hesitated.

This was because ever since their young master’s legs were injured, he didn’t like to go to crowded places.

He didn’t like everyone looking at him in the wheelchair with pity in their eyes.

However, Qiao Xiuli did not feel repulsed by Gu Nuo’er’s request.

A’Zhong pushed the wheelchair and walked through a small path toward the lively street market.

The fragrance of simmering sugar came from a shop selling sugar cakes.

The soft, fair, and tender cloud cakes were fried till they were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Then, they were wrapped in a layer of sparkling and translucent sugar. Biting through it brings about a crispy, sweet, and delicious taste.