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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 302 - 302 Did You See That? My Cousin Can Fly!

302 Did You See That? My Cousin Can Fly!

Gu Nuo’er turned her head and saw a young boy waving his hand and running towards her.

“Oh, Linzhou?”

Prince Xuan’s son, Yun Linzhou, was wearing embroidered clothes and had a piece of bright jade on his head, making his facial features look even more delicate.

A group of servants followed behind him.

He ran up to Gu Nuo’er and smiled foolishly. “I saw you on the other side of the street just now. What are you playing?”

“I’m not playing. I’m waiting for my cousin to go home with me.”

Yun Linzhou’s gaze turned to Qiao Xiuli, who was sitting in the wheelchair behind her.

He immediately widened his eyes and bowed solemnly, looking a little silly. “Hello, Nuo’er’s cousin! I’m Nuo’er’s good friend, Yun Linzhou.”

Qiao Xiuli looked at the two children in front of him who were the size of radishes. His lips curled up slightly and he smiled indifferently.

However, he subconsciously tugged at the blanket on his lap.

He subconsciously wanted to cover his legs, not wanting Gu Nuo’er’s friend to see that she had a cousin in a wheelchair.

The little princess was born noble and everything she had was the best.

If others knew that her cousin was someone who could only move in a wheelchair, they would laugh at her, right?

Qiao Xiuli was unwilling to become a laughingstock for her while she grew up.

“Nuo’er, play with your friend for a while. I’ll go back first,” Qiao Xiuli said calmly.

However, the child grabbed onto Qiao Xiuli’s sleeve with her fair hand.

She looked up, her eyes sparkling like stars.

“Cousin, let’s go home together later.”

As she spoke, she looked at Yun Linzhou. “Linzhou, do you have a cousin?”

Yun Linzhou looked puzzled. “What is a cousin? Can Nuo’er’s cousin also be my cousin? I only have an older brother at home.

“However, my brother is very fierce and he is also very busy. He doesn’t have time to play with me.”

Gu Nuo’er leaned against Qiao Xiu’s leg proudly. “Then let me tell you, my cousin is amazing. He can fly!”

Yun Linzhou’s eyes widened in disbelief. “He can fly? How does he do it?”

The child immediately looked at Qiao Xiuli. “Cousin, can we show Linzhou? Tell them how amazing you are!”

Qiao Xiuli was stunned.

When did he know how to fly? He… couldn’t even walk.

“Nuo’er… I…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Nuo’er called out to Wanxuan to get her to help her push Qiao Xiuli out of the medical hall.

Then, they came to a small slope at the side.

Just like when she was two years old, Gu Nuo’er nimbly climbed up Qiao Xiuli’s knees and sat down obediently.

Her voice was soft. “Cousin, I’m holding on tightly! Elder Sister Wanxuan, you can let go now!”

They were on a small slope that was not steep, so Wanxuan was not worried about the little princess getting hurt.

She let go and the wheelchair slowly slid down, then gradually became faster.

Gu Nuo’er waved her small hand and said excitedly, “Linzhou, did you see that? My cousin knows how to fly!”

The child’s soft hair fluttered in the wind, and her apple-like face was filled with cute pink color.

Afraid that she would accidentally fall, Qiao Xiuli hugged the child.

The two of them slid to the bottom. Gu Nuo’er’s laughter was crisp.

Yun Linzhou was stunned. When he came back to his senses, he kept clapping. “Nuo’er’s cousin, you’re so amazing. You can actually fly!”

Gu Nuo’er raised her head proudly. “Of course! My cousin is the best in the world!”

Qiao Xiuli felt a little touched.

All these years, the Qiao family had carefully taken care of his emotions.

The more careful they were, the more Qiao Xiuli felt like a cripple.

However, Little Nuo’er could treat him as a normal person.