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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Don’t Kill, Don’t Kill. Diplomacy Before Violence

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Only after the emperor entered Chengqian Hall did the other officials enter in succession.

Following their reporting order, the prime minister and the other ministers respectively expressed their views on the official matters they had on hand.

Next, it was the Minister of Rites’ turn. It was an official who was in his early fifties.

He trembled as he stepped out of the line, bowing, and asked the emperor, “Your Majesty, it was snowing heavily a few days ago. The Ministry of Rites arranged for tents to be set up in the east and south of the city to provide porridge to the people and provide relief to the poor.

“However, many beggars took turns to cause trouble. They threatened other commoners who came to ask for porridge, taking all the porridge back to split amongst themselves.

“Your subject has already sent the accompanying imperial guards to stop this matter many times, but it keeps on recurring. Your subject personally thinks that we might have to punish them severely to prevent this phenomenon. What does Your Majesty think?”

Gu Yi’s cold eyes flickered with dissatisfaction.

He said slowly in a soft voice, his attitude lazy and disdainful. “These disobedient beggars and refugees actually dare to cause trouble? What are you guys waiting for then?

“Let’s make an example of one of them to warn the others. Let one pay a tragic price. Who amongst the others would dare to imitate him then?”

As soon as Gu Yihan finished speaking, the child in his arms moved.

She let out a moan that was similar to a cat’s purring.

Then, the little princess’ long eyelashes suddenly opened up.

A pair of extremely clear and glass-like eyes were revealed, and there was still sleepiness in them.

The child rubbed her eyes and asked softly, “Father, what are you killing?”

Gu Yihan hurriedly hugged her tightly and coaxed her gently, “Nuonuo is awake? Not killing, not killing. Father was just joking with Uncle Minister.”

He looked at the Minister of Rites and signaled with his eyes, “Send more people over to understand and reason with them. We must resolve this matter peacefully!”

The little princess, Gu Nuo’er, had been “strictly keeping a close watch” on Gu Yihan ever since she started to remember things.

As long as the kid heard of things that concerned the life or death of people, or the seizing of their properties, she’d press her father’s hand.

She’d then blink her big eyes and say in a childish and soft voice, “Father, don’t kill, don’t kill.”

Till now, the little princess had already stopped the tyrannical emperor from many cases of killing the innocent.

Therefore, Gu Yihan paid a lot of attention to his conduct since he was in front of the little princess now.

When the Minister of Rites heard this, he felt a little troubled.

He bowed once again and reported, “But Your Majesty, those beggars are unreasonable. They have gotten used to snatching the porridge and if we don’t teach them a small lesson, it might lead to great chaos!”

Gu Yihan secretly pointed to the child in his arms and glared at the Minister of Rites.

However, at this moment, the little princess, Gu Nuo’er, heard the minister’s voice.

Her two small hands grabbed onto the table and she probed out her head, looking at the Minister of Rites who was below.

She asked softly, “Uncle Minister, what’s the matter?”

The little princess asked. The Minister of Rites repeated the matter again.

Gu Nuo’er blinked her big watery eyes and looked up at Gu Yihan.

“Father, those beggars only want some food. They don’t deserve to die. Why don’t we capture those beggars who did bad things?

“Let them go and distribute porridge under supervision. If they don’t finish the job or eat the porridge secretly, punish them by not giving them any food!”

She held one of Gu Yihan’s fingers with her soft and fair hand.

She said in a soft voice, “Don’t kill, don’t kill. Diplomacy before violence..”

This was something she heard in Gu Yihan’s imperial study a few days ago.

To think that she had learned it only after hearing it in passing once!

When the Minister of Rites heard this, his eyes lit up. “The princess’s method is excellent! It gives the beggars work, not letting them have nothing to do and go around looking for trouble.

At the same time, it also assures that the other citizens’ will get food to eat. This subject is in admiration!”