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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 300 - 300 Baby Nuo Is Afraid of Crushing You

300 Baby Nuo Is Afraid of Crushing You

Gu Nuo’er even wrapped her small arms around the old madam’s neck while she spoke in a childish voice.

“Phew~ As long as Grandma is safe and healthy, Baby Nuo will feel happy!”

The Grace Defender Duke and Duchess looked at each other.

The two elderly smiled happily.

“Every time Little Nuo’er comes, she’s very sweet-tongued and coaxes the two of us. Yayu, you taught this child well,” the old madam praised.

The Grace Defender Duke snorted. “How can you not know our daughter’s personality? In the past, before she got married, she was like a wild child. Everyone in my military camp had been beaten up by her.

“After entering the palace and becoming a consort, she restrained herself a lot. Otherwise, I’m really afraid that one day, if she were to hit someone in the palace, the emperor will come looking for us to settle the score! How could she be the one who had taught Nuo’er well?

“It’s clearly our Nuo’er who is born smart and cute, being sensible and obedient.”

A trace of speechlessness flashed across Noble Consort Qiao’s beautiful face.

“Father, weren’t you the one who had taught me martial arts when I was young?”

The Grace Defender Duke said solemnly, “Our daughter has grown up and even dares to talk back. It seems that our Nuo’er is still the more obedient one.”

Noble Consort Qiao obediently shut up and didn’t say anything else.

She usually got whatever she wanted in the palace, but when she returned home and faced her impressive father, she still had to admit defeat!

The family chatted happily as they walked in.

Gu Nuo’er kept acting cute, making the old madam laugh.

When they arrived at the front hall, a couple came out to welcome them.

Standing on the left, with delicate and gentle eyes and a weak figure, was Noble Consort Qiao’s sister-in-law, Yan Qimeng.

The man on the right who looked weak like a scholar but had actually already made contributions to the country was Noble Consort Qiao’s older brother, Qiao Zijin.

Noble Consort Qiao smiled. “Eldest Brother, Eldest Sister-in-law.”

Yan Qimeng smiled and said, “I can even hear Mother’s laughter from here. I can guess at a glance that Her Highness has brought Little Nuo’er back.”

“That’s right. Father has always been strict. Only Little Nuo’er can coax him into laughing.”

Noble Consort Qiao blinked at Qiao Zijin and complained softly, “Elder Brother, Father complained a lot about me just now.”

Qiao Zijin chuckled. “Little Sister, it has been tough on you. It wasn’t troublesome to make arrangements in the palace before you could come back to visit, was it?”

Gu Nuo’er said in her childish voice, “It’s not troublesome! My father dotes on Mother. When he heard that my maternal grandparents have returned, he immediately agreed!”

Noble Consort Qiao blushed. “This child…”

When Old Madam Qiao heard this, she felt rather relieved.

They all knew that the emperor, Gu Yihan, was cruel by nature and had changed a lot after having a daughter.

However, when she heard that Gu Yihan also doted on Noble Consort Qiao very much, as a mother, she felt even more at ease.

Yan Qimeng reached out her hand. “Nuo’er, come over and let Aunt carry you, alright?”

Gu Nuo’er’s fair and round face immediately looked a little troubled.

Yan Qimeng thought that she was unwilling.

Unexpectedly, the child frowned and said softly, “Sigh, Aunt, I want to let you carry me too, but you’re too thin. Baby Nuo is afraid that I’ll crush you. My heart will ache again then.”

Everyone immediately laughed.

Yan Qimeng went forward, pulled the child into her arms, and kissed her small face lovingly.

“How can you crush Aunt? You’re still young, not to mention that you’re only five years old. Even if you’re ten years old, Aunt will still be able to carry you.”

Noble Consort Qiao smiled and said, “Elder Sister-in-law, it’s not Baby Nuo’s fault for saying that. I think you seem to have lost a little weight. You should nourish yourself more. I’ve brought ginseng, deer antler, and red bird’s nest1 from the palace this time. You should eat more.”