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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 297 - Mother, Are We Going to Pack Up and Flee?

Chapter 297: Mother, Are We Going to Pack Up and Flee?

Ye Siming looked elsewhere. After a while, a fair hand pinched a piece of candy and brought it to his lips.

“Elder Brother Siming, open your mouth and I’ll feed you!”

A hint of unnaturalness flashed across Ye Siming’s face. He said awkwardly, “I’m not eating it.”

Gu Nuo’er stuffed it further forward and her little finger touched his thin lips a few times.

“Come on, eat it. It’s sweet. You didn’t even eat any just now!”

Just as the two of them were arguing, the carriage suddenly went over a stone and jolted.

Gu Nuo’er was caught off guard and her small body rolled forward like a glutinous rice ball.

Ye Siming quickly grabbed her small hand and pulled the child back into his arms.

Outside, the old coachman apologized in a panic, “Princess, are you alright? This old servant deserves to die! I didn’t notice that stone.”

It seemed as if Gu Nuo’er had hit somewhere. Her eyes were red and she was so delicate that she felt like crying.

Even though there was a hint of aggrieved crying in her childish voice, she still comforted the coachman. “Coachman uncle, I’m fine.”

Then, the child looked up and complained pitifully to Ye Siming, “Elder Brother Siming, it’s all your fault. When I rolled out, my little finger pressed on a piece of candy!”

After saying that, Gu Nuo’er raised her pinky.

Her fair fingers were already red. She had indeed hurt it.

Her skin was already thin and tender. Now that she had a pair of big watery eyes, she was even more incredible.

A trace of heartache flashed across Ye Siming’s eyes.

He reached out to hold Gu Nuo’er’s fingers and blew twice like how she usually did to others.

Then, Ye Siming lowered his eyes and looked at Gu Nuo’er, who was in his arms, pouting and looking like she was about to cry.

She looked like a little white bun that had been put through grief!

Her cheeks were pink and her eyes were black.

Gu Nuo’er curled up in his arms like a delicate flower.

“Sigh, this tortured little finger! Back then, it was bitten by Elder Brother Siming. Now, it has turned red all because of Elder Brother Siming…”

As the child complained, she looked up and secretly sized up his expression.

Her chubby face looked like a cute meat bun from the side.

Ye Siming’s eyes darkened.

Gu Nuo’er must be the most delicious among mortals.

“Idiot.” Ye Siming lowered his head. “Let me apologize to you then. Don’t be angry anymore. When I come back, I’ll bring you something fun.”

The child immediately stopped crying and her eyes lit up. “Really?”

Gu Nuo’er thought about it again. What fun things could there be in the mountains?

However, if Ye Siming said that there would be something, there definitely would be something!

At night, the street market became abnormally lively.

The sugar figurine seller auntie was so busy that she almost fainted.

Whenever someone passed by with their children, the children would be attracted by her sugar figurines.

In just one night, she had earned money that she usually wouldn’t be able to earn in half a month.

A soft voice flashed through the sugar figurine seller auntie’s mind.

Could it be that the young girl’s words were really a good omen and had blessed her?

At this moment, Gu Nuo’er had just finished bathing.

She stepped barefoot on the soft blanket.

She opened her round and bright eyes and watched as her mother walked to and fro in the hall busily.

“Wanyin, go and bring the rare bird’s nest on my rack. Mother likes to eat this. Oh, right, Wanxuan! Go and bring the Longevity Painting I prepared last time. Bring it along when I go home this time.”

Noble Consort Qiao had been busy the entire night and kept instructing Wanyin and Wanxuan, as well as the other palace maids and eunuchs, to take out some precious treasures.

The things in the hall were piled up like a small mountain.

Gu Nuo’er asked softly, “Mother, are we going to pack up and flee with our things? Have you offended Father?”

Noble Consort Qiao was stunned for a moment before bursting out laughing. “Dear Nuo’er, your maternal grandparents are back. Mother will bring you home to visit them tomorrow.”