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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 296 - Comfort, Don't Be Angry, Don't Be Angry

Chapter 296: Comfort, Don’t Be Angry, Don’t Be Angry

The drunk man picked up the hammer from the fish stall at the side and looked like he was about to be ruthless to the woman.

The commoners at the side were all exclaiming and dissuading him, “Hurry up and report to the officials! This person is going to kill!”

The drunk man raised his hand high and was about to smash the hammer down.

A figure in black quickly stepped forward, raised his boot, and kicked the drunk man in the chest.

Ye Siming used 70% of his strength in this kick.

The drunk man was sent flying like an arrow leaving a bow, falling into a weaponsmith’s shop.

His butt almost hit the hot furnace!

He couldn’t get up and wailed in pain, “Help! Someone wants to kill me! Quickly help me report this to the officials!”

The commoners who were watching just now despised him.

“Pfft! You still have the cheek to call for help. If not for this young master, your wife would have been beaten to death by you! You’re very bad!”

“I recognize this person. He’s the gambler, Second Brother Yang, who lives at the end of the street! He doesn’t have any capabilities and only knows how to hit his wife day and night! He hits people when he’s drunk!”

The drunkard sobered up a little and rolled around in pain. “Aren’t you guys going to care? I’m going to get beaten to death. Ouch!”

Ye Siming held his sword and walked close to him, looking down coldly. “I’m warning you, the next time I see you hitting a woman, I’ll hang you on the city wall and display your corpse in public!”

When the drunkard heard this, he wailed even louder.

Ye Siming frowned impatiently and pushed the sword out of the sheath a few inches. “I’ll pierce you the same number of times you scream.”

The drunk man obediently shut his mouth.

He looked at Ye Siming, his eyes filled with horror.

Why did this youth in front of him look like a bloodthirsty lunatic?!

The woman who had been beaten up just now staggered to Ye Siming’s side.

She hugged the youth’s leg and begged bitterly, “Young hero… Thank you. I’m fine. Please let my husband go.”

Ye Siming turned around and saw that she had bruises all over her face, yet she was still pleading for mercy for her husband.

His gaze became even more indifferent.

Mortals’ feelings were complicated and stupid. She had clearly been beaten up, but she still asked for the assailant to be let off.

Gu Nuo’er watched from afar and sat at the door of the carriage, swaying her small feet. She was also very puzzled.

“This auntie was beaten up so badly, but she still wants to plead for mercy…”

The old coachman smiled and said, “Princess, you still don’t know, right? The trend of hitting wives has become even more rampant! Many men pull their wives to the streets to beat them up to vent their anger when things don’t go well.

“These women don’t dare to report to the officials even after being beaten up. They’re afraid that without their husbands, they’ll be mocked by their families. They’re even more afraid of fighting back and killing their husbands, causing them to become widows. This would make their lives even tougher!”

Gu Nuo’er blinked her clear eyes and looked at the woman who was begging Ye Siming in the distance.

In the end, Ye Siming seemed to be too lazy to care about her anymore. He retracted his leg and walked towards the carriage.

The child thought seriously.

Should she find an opportunity to help these bullied aunties?

Ye Siming returned to the carriage and the wheels slowly turned again.

The youth crossed his arms and leaned against the wall to rest.

His eyelashes were lowered, making his already fair skin look handsome and cold.

Ye Siming heard Gu Nuo’er’s small body crawling to his side.

Then, a soft hand gently patted his head.

Ye Siming opened his eyes. “What are you doing?”

Gu Nuo’er tilted her head and blinked her big grape-like eyes. “Comforting Elder Brother Siming. Don’t be angry, don’t be angry. You did amazing just now.”

Ye Siming sneered and turned his head to avoid her touch.

Even so, his expression was much warmer than before.