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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 294 - It's Not That I Don't Want to Play, It's That You Guys Can't Win Against Me

Chapter 294: It’s Not That I Don’t Want to Play, It’s That You Guys Can’t Win Against Me

Song Youqing’s smile froze on her face.

When she saw Song Qiyuan coming up, she thought that her brother would be able to get back at them.

Princess Yaoguang was only five years old. Did she know how to play cuju?

Who would have thought that Gu Nuo’er’s casual kick would be able to score from so far away?

Everyone fell silent.

Only Ye Siming raised his sharp eyebrows and took the lead to clap gently.

Jiang Xiaoran, who was standing below the stands, witnessed everything.

He looked up in shock and shouted, “Princess, you know how to play cuju too? You can even play it so well? Give others a way out! How can you know everything?!”

Gu Nuo’er placed her hands on her hips, her expression innocent and cute.

“Elder Brother Song, as you can see, it’s not that I don’t want to play with Elder Sister Song, but that she definitely won’t be able to win against me.

“My Elder Brother Siming knows more. I’ve only mastered a little. If you want to play, you can look for him next time. After all, I’m very busy~”

After saying that, the child reached out her fair hand and let Ye Siming hold her hand.

Then, she turned around and said to the stunned Song family and their friends, “You guys have to comfort Eldest Brother Song more. He might not be in a good mood after losing the competition.

“But this is just a game. Don’t be too bothered by it. I won’t be accompanying you anymore. Elder Brother Siming, let’s go buy sugar cakes!”

Everyone was speechless.

What the little princess had to be busy with was buying sugar cakes?

Then, they quickly understood.

If the princess wasn’t busy with the things she liked, was she going to be busy dealing with those people she didn’t like?

Ye Siming held Gu Nuo’er’s hand and left.

The child’s small figure skipped around, looking extremely happy.

Song Youqing gritted her teeth angrily. “Brother, the princess…”

“Shut up.” Before she could finish speaking, Song Qiyuan quickly interrupted her.

He stared coldly at his sister, warning her not to spout nonsense about the princess outside.

In the past few years, anyone who had offended the princess even just a little would end up in a bad plight.

Song Youqing could only swallow this grievance.

When Xie Yinxiang saw that Gu Nuo’er had left, she didn’t plan on staying either. The competition was over anyway.

She had just walked down the steps with the maidservant when a call sounded from behind.


Xie Yinxiang turned around and saw Xie Liuhua running towards her.

Xie Liuhua raised her eyebrows and said arrogantly, “If you apologize to me now, I won’t hold today’s matters against you.”

When Xie Yinxiang heard this, she felt that it was quite laughable. “You were the one to start the rumors first, so why should I apologize to you?”

Seeing that Xie Yinxiang refused to give in, Xie Liuhua was extremely angry!

“Xie Yinxiang, even if you don’t listen, I’m still going to tell you this. Don’t think that just because you’ve obtained the princess’s favor now, you’ve gotten a death pardon.

“The princess is just bored for a moment, and you just happen to be an obedient dog or kitten. She doesn’t really treat you as a friend at all. Don’t be smug!”

Xie Liuhua’s words came out of nowhere. Xie Yinxiang frowned and gave a faintly mocking smile.

“You’ve underestimated the princess and overestimated me. I won’t feel that I have nothing to worry about just because I’m friends with the princess.

“Similarly, it’s not up to you to judge if the princess really treats me as a friend. When you said this, I seemed to have heard the meaning of the word ‘jealousy’.”

After saying that, Xie Yinxiang no longer wanted to argue with her.

She turned around and left with her maidservant, leaving Xie Liuhua alone. Xie Liuhua gritted her teeth and stomped her feet.

“Xie Yinxiang… just you wait!”