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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 293 - She Had Never Been Convinced By Others In Terms of Competing In Luck  

Chapter 293 She Had Never Been Convinced By Others In Terms of Competing In Luck

There was no doubt about the outcome.

Ye Siming’s team won.

The blue team surrounded Ye Siming and spoke excitedly.

This was the first time they had won against Song Qiyuan!

This was also the first time Song Qiyuan’s team had lost.

And they had lost to a group of eight or nine-year-old children!

This was a friendly competition, to begin with. If someone was dissatisfied, they wouldn’t express it directly on the surface.

Song Qiyuan walked towards Ye Siming. He looked handsome and there was still sweat on his forehead.

Song Qiyuan’s smile was very cold. “Young Master Ye is indeed skilled. You’re indeed as amazing as the rumors say.”

Ye Siming looked at him calmly. “You’re not bad either.”

Usually, it didn’t matter who won or lost.

Ye Siming didn’t think much of this.

But this time was different.

His gaze swept towards the stands. Gu Nuo’er was still waving her small hands and jumping up and down.

Ye Siming let out a stifled smile. He didn’t plan on talking to Song Qiyuan anymore and turned to walk toward the stands.

When Gu Nuo’er saw Ye Siming coming, she pounced over immediately.

“Elder Brother Siming, you’re just great!” The child’s eyes lit up and she didn’t forget to raise her pink thumb to show encouragement.

Ye Siming lowered his eyes and chuckled. “Where’s the candy?”

Gu Nuo’er reached into her pocket and was about to give him the candy she had agreed on.

At this moment, a voice sounded from behind Ye Siming.

“Princess Yaoguang is smart. She only said a few encouraging words in the stands and Young Master Ye went all out.”

Gu Nuo’er’s long eyelashes fluttered as she looked up.

Song Qiyuan followed Ye Siming without changing out of his clothes.

His face was handsome and a little cold.

However, compared to Ye Siming’s coldness, there was a hint of impetuousness.

He was probably feeling indignant after losing!

Of course, Song Qiyuan felt a little uncomfortable.

After all, he had never lost when playing cuju in the past.

Regardless of whether it was war or anything else, he had always been outstanding.

This youth, Ye Siming, seemed to have appeared out of thin air a few years ago.

Song Qiyuan had always wanted the title of Young Master Bai Ze, but he had always been lacking.

However, he didn’t expect Ye Siming to directly reject the thing he had always wanted.

And now, he had even lost to Ye Siming in cuju!

This made his competitive personality a little unbearable.

Gu Nuo’er pouted and said in a soft voice, “Oh, but the older sister from the Song family was also shouting very loudly. Why didn’t this older brother work hard?”

Song Qiyuan was stunned. He didn’t expect that even though Gu Nuo’er looked innocent and cute, she was also smart enough and refused to lose out.

He chuckled with a hint of teasing.

“My sister, Youqing, has always wanted to get to know the princess. Since the two of you are here today, why don’t the two of you go down and play cuju together? Just take it as making a friend.”

Before Gu Nuo’er could say anything, Ye Siming said coldly, “The princess doesn’t have time.”

The child stood beside Ye Siming and watched, feeling that Song Qiyuan was a little petty.

He had lost to Elder Brother Siming, but he wanted his sister to win against her and to get back.

He had really underestimated Baby Nuo!

Gu Nuo’er reached out her small hand. “Where’s the ball?”

Song Qiyuan quickly got someone to bring it over and asked, “How does the princess want to play? Youqing is a few years older than you. Let her give way to you first.”

Everyone knew that Song Youqing was born into a martial arts family, so she was naturally not bad at playing cuju.

This was clearly an attempt to bully a child.

Ye Siming’s gaze had already become deep and cold, suffused with an extremely unhappy color.

However, Gu Nuo’er didn’t waste her breath on Song Qiyuan at all. She took the ball from him.

She stood in the stands and suddenly kicked out.

The ball drew a beautiful parabola in the air.

Then, it landed steadily in the net.