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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 291 - Gu Nuo'er's Childish Voice Broke Through the Clouds!

Chapter 291: Gu Nuo’er’s Childish Voice Broke Through the Clouds!

Xie Yinxiang was unwilling to continue to stand behind Gu Nuo’er and let this smart and adorable child protect her.

She stood up and looked at Xie Liuhua. Her tone was cold and her disposition was calm.

“Xie Liuhua, I can stay quiet about how you try to deal with me at home. It’s not that I don’t want to make a fuss about these things, but that I don’t want to expose my family’s scandals to the public.

“We both share the Xie surname, after all. If we talk things out, not only will it reflect badly on you, but I’ll also feel ashamed.

“I’d advise you not to instigate other people outside to do things. Otherwise, when others realize what is happening, they will only think that our Xie Family’s upbringing is bad.

“If you don’t like me, we can have a good argument after we return. We’re all here to watch the competition today. Don’t make everyone unhappy!”

Xie Liuhua even forgot to pretend to be pitiful and cry. He was stunned by Xie Yinxiang’s reprimand and looked at her in a daze.

Xie Yinxiang looked like a well-mannered daughter from an aristocratic family.

She was indeed the eldest daughter of the Xie Family. Even though her mother had passed away, there was no denying this fact.

This time, in everyone’s eyes, the differences between the two sisters, Xie Yinxiang and Xie Liuhua, were displayed.

Gu Nuo’er clapped her small hands. “Elder Sister Yinxiang is so cool!”

Xie Yinxiang felt a little embarrassed after being praised by Gu Nuo’er.

The sharpness she showed earlier suddenly disappeared. She pursed her lips and smiled before sitting back down.

Xie Liuhua was too ashamed and stood up to leave.

On the other hand, Song Youqing was angry at being used by Xie Liuhua, but she also hated Gu Nuo’er for not giving her face.

This child looked very beautiful and exquisite, just like a snow doll.

Even if she was wrong… Gu Nuo’er shouldn’t be so fierce!

After that, Gu Nuo’er didn’t talk to Song Youqing either.

She only focused on chatting and laughing with Xie Yinxiang. The two of them focused on the competition.

Song Youqing wanted to find an opportunity to explain things to Gu Nuo’er, but she didn’t know how to put down her pride.

At this moment, a gong sounded and the competition began!

According to the order of drawing lots, Ye Siming’s team served first.

Gu Nuo’er was extremely excited. She raised the banner with her small hands and was extremely excited.

Ye Siming had a cold temperament and was calm even when facing strong opponents.

He bounced the ball on the back of his foot and suddenly used the Wind Rolls the Lotus Leaf1. With this start, all the youths started running.

The young ladies in the stands also cheered excitedly for the young master they liked.

Great Qi was open-minded, to begin with. At this moment, the girls shouted openly—

“Song Qiyuan! Song Qiyuan is the best!”

“Young General Song, charge!”

“Young Marquis Jiang, hurry up and chase after him! You’re the best!”

Gu Nuo’er listened for a long time, but no one cheered for her Elder Brother Siming!

Damn it, how could this do?!

Actually, Gu Nuo’er had wronged them.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to call Ye Siming by his name, but Ye Siming’s usual attitude was terrifyingly cold!

There were also young ladies who saw his handsome facial features and wanted to get close to him.

However, they were all frightened by his impatient gaze.

It felt as if he would draw his sword and stab you in the next second!

They really didn’t know how the little princess could stand him!

Gu Nuo’er jumped down from the chair and ran to the fence, trying her best to tiptoe and raise her red banner.

She took a deep breath and used all her strength. Her childish voice was high-pitched and pierced through the clouds—

“Elder Brother Siming, victory!”

At this moment, a gust of wind happened to blow past and almost blew away the brocade cloth covering the stands!

The young ladies were all shocked and looked at Gu Nuo’er’s back view.

How did the princess’s small body produce such a loud and spirited childish voice?