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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 288 - : If I Win, Will There Be Candies to Eat?

Chapter 288: If I Win, Will There Be Candies to Eat?

Gu Nuo’er grew up being taken care of and being doted on by her parents, her older brothers, and Ye Siming silently.

When she turned five years old, the child became even more beautiful.

The baby fat she had at three years old had already changed a lot. Although her face was still round, her chin showed signs of turning sharper into the face of a little beauty.

Her skin was fair and tender, and her eyes were so lively that they seemed to be able to speak.

It was another good day in the early spring. The state school planned to hold a cuju competition for the young masters.

This was an annual event aimed at strengthening the cooperation between the young masters.

Moreover, games like cuju had always been pursued and liked by the nobles.

If they were older, they would play cuju on horses instead. The difficulty would be even greater.

Over the past few years, the only people who had performed well in the school were the group of people led by Ye Siming and Jiang Xiaoran.

They were young, but they were all agile.

This was especially true for Ye Siming. As he had a cold and unreasonable personality, everything he did seemed to be done cleanly with strength.

It attracted many people’s admiration.

Of course, they were still the ones chosen to compete in the school’s cuju competition.

Their opponents were some older young masters.

Their opponents often participated in the cuju competitions organized by the emperor. Be it experience, height, or skills, they were more proficient than Jiang Xiaoran and the others.

However, the headmaster of the state school said that the importance was in participation and to have fun.

He didn’t expect them to defeat such strong opponents. It was fine as long as they had fun!

On the day of the cuju competition, Gu Nuo’er arrived at the arena very early.

The venue was wide and grand, enough for the youths to run around.

Ye Siming escorted Gu Nuo’er to find a good spot in the stands first.

Jiang Xiaoran, wearing clothes that represented the blue team, quickly found him.

“Oh my, Siming, why do you still have time to be talking here? Hurry up and come with me. Everyone has gathered.”

Ye Siming had grown to become even more handsome and cold. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his facial features were like jade.

Under his thin and long eyebrows was a pair of deep eyes.

He glanced at Jiang Xiaoran. “What’s the hurry? The ball won’t run.”

Jiang Xiaoran said helplessly, “Then let’s go and discuss our countermeasures in advance. We can’t let our guard down. Do you know that the young master who led the team opposite us this time…

“He is General Song’s son, Song Qiyuan. He’s known as the Young Cuju War God. No one who has played cuju with him can defeat him. Even so, we have to give it our all.”

Ye Siming only replied indifferently, “I won’t lose.”

He lowered his eyes and stared at Gu Nuo’er. The child was writing with a brush on a piece of red silk.

After a while, she raised it and showed it to Ye Siming.

She wore a sweet smile on her round and fair face. “Look, Elder Brother Siming! I’m already prepared to cheer for you!”

He wondered where the child had gotten this red silk from.

However, the words on it said: Elder Brother Siming, victory!

Ye Siming sneered as if he felt that she was childish.

He reached out to stroke Gu Nuo’er’s black hair and even pinched the two buns on her head.

“Sit here and wait. Don’t run around.”

Gu Nuo’er nodded obediently and said in a soft voice, “Yes! Don’t worry, Elder Brother Siming. I promise to stay here and watch you play cuju!”

Ye Siming had a faint smile on his face and Jiang Xiaoran was urging him from the side.

Ye Siming had turned around and left, but after a while, he turned around again.

Ye Siming lowered his head and asked the child in a low voice, “Gu Nuo’er, if I win, will I get candy?”