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The Tyrant Father's Pampered Daughter

Chapter 285 - Your Majesty, Are You A Drama King?

Chapter 285: Your Majesty, Are You A Drama King?

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Ye Siming walked over. Although his expression was still indifferent, his thin lips had already curled into an imperceptible smile.

“I knew you’d get hungry.”

He and Bai Yi had spent a long time just plucking the feathers.

He took Gu Nuo’er from Gu Yihan’s hands and carried her to get a drumstick from the rack.

Gu Yihan lowered his head and looked at his empty arms.

This wasn’t right. Why did her daughter run into Ye Siming’s arms so naturally?!

What right did Ye Siming have to come up and carry his precious daughter so naturally?!

Gu Yihan was a little angry, but he saw Ye Siming slowly hand the drumstick to Gu Nuo’er’s small mouth and let her take small bites.

He suddenly felt relieved.

His daughter must be too hungry. This Ye Siming looked as cold as a rock, but he was also very good at taking care of the princess.

Gu Yihan placed his hands behind his back and revealed a hint of satisfaction in his gaze.

It was not bad as long as he could serve the princess well!

Gu Nuo’er ate the drumstick with her small mouth. There was no need for her to use her hands and she got grease on her face as well.

She finished the entire drumstick and narrowed her eyes happily.

“It’s so fragrant!”

Ye Siming used his fingertips to scrape the grease off her face and asked, “Do you still want to eat more?”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head. “Everyone else hasn’t eaten yet. How can Baby Nuo be full by myself?

“Elder Brother Siming, give this drumstick to Father and that drumstick to Mother. You should eat a little too. Split the rest into a few pieces and send them to Eunuch Chunshou and Uncle Huo Guang!

“Oh, that’s right, there’s also Uncle Bai and Auntie Bai. They’re all hungry!”

The child was a little troubled. “It’s a pity that there aren’t enough of these pheasants. Otherwise, the imperial guards would be able to eat them too.”

A hungry voice sounded from the side. “That’s right, Princess… I’m hungry too…”

Gu Nuo’er turned around and saw that Jiang Xiaoran was so hungry that his eyes were shining.

Ye Siming said indifferently, “We’ll be able to go back in a while. Bear with it a little longer.”

Jiang Xiaoran cried bitterly.

How could he bear it? He was so hungry that his stomach was growling!

Ye Siming considered that Gu Nuo’er wanted to distribute the food to the others, but these two pheasants were not enough.

Therefore, he picked up his bow and arrows, planning to go up the mountain to hunt again.

Jiang Xiaoran immediately said, “I’ll go too! My archery skills aren’t bad either. I can help.”

However, Gu Nuo’er was worried like an adult. “Playboy older brother, but you look stupid. Let me tell you, there’s a flower mushroom in the forest. You mustn’t eat it…”

Jiang Xiaoran immediately tightened his belt and put on an energetic expression.

“Princess, don’t underestimate me. I’m not hungry to the point of eating random things.”

When the two of them turned around and entered the mountain, Gu Nuo’er broke off another drumstick.

Her small hands seemed to be unafraid of the heat as she brought the drumstick to Gu Yihan.

“Father, eat.”

Gu Yihan was afraid that his daughter’s fair finger would be scalded. He took the initiative to take it, but said, “Father isn’t hungry. I’ll blow on it for you. You can eat more when it cools down, alright?”

Gu Nuo’er shook her head. “Baby Nuo isn’t hungry anymore. Father can eat it.”

She squeezed into Gu Yihan’s arms and said softly, “Father is our backbone. You mustn’t go hungry. Otherwise, Baby Nuo will be worried!”

Gu Yihan immediately felt emotional.

It was good to have a daughter. She was considerate and obedient.

He had so many sons, but none of them could catch up to his good Nuo’er!

Then, Gu Nuo’er broke off a few more pieces of chicken and brought them to her mother to eat.

Gu Yihan took this opportunity to walk past the officials who were still hungry.

“My daughter gave it to me. She’s afraid that I’ll go hungry. She already feels sorry for me at such a young age. Sigh, everything is good with a daughter.”

The officials were speechless.